A unified new look & feel for an identity verification service

With a full fledged website, designed and built — Synaps now offers digital online identity creation and management and with a new look and feel for a wave of security-minded parties to use their tools.

Synaps helps companies ease the pain of online identity verification by offering a range of services ranging from ID verification to proof of residency verification.

Brand Concept

Finding the right balance between modern tech and security

The main challenge for this project was to find Synaps a look and feel that would convey both the idea of security and advance tech as well as making sure that it doesn't feel too startup-y and boost trust.

Desktop dashboard
Color palette

Building Blocks

Wider gamut of colors and modern typeface

We enriched the authoritarian brand palette with some accent color to represent each of Synaps' solutions.

The typeface Karla has modern characteristics, yet feels safe and trustworthy.

Fonts overview

A future-proof design system

As all our recent projects we build a design library based on Atomic Design methodology what allowed us to stay consistent and agile throughout the design process. The system is flexible to build upon for the coming years.

Component overview


Visualise features as illustrations

Key to making the Synaps experience and feature set easy to understand was creating a set of illustrations familiar to visitors that would and grasp their attention. Each feature was given a custom made illustration to help tell Synaps' story.

Desktop dashboard
Mobile liveness screen Mobile AML screen

Responsive Design

Design that works anywhere

It was essential to Synaps to ensure a mobile experience was as amazing as the desktop experience, which we ensured with our front-end development and design approah.

The headers for each page almost feel like an onboarding or mobile application to really get visitors into the brand.

Mobile proof of residence dashboard Desktop proof of residence screen

“Awesome! Love the design. You did an excellent job guys!”

Riwan Lasmi — CTO at Synaps


Building the next step for Synaps

Our front-end development team relied on our trusty and state of the art tech stack to build the website from the ground up. Top-notch performance, SEO and component-based development were key goals for this project.




Graphics that tell a story

Each graphic we created for Synaps tells a clear story to the user within seconds. A few categories were hard to combine but with a proven process of collaboration, sketching and creative work we designed a gorgeous visual for each.

Illustration overview


Using color to inform the user

With our enriched color palette we were able to give each illustration its own color theme, making it easy to distinguish from each other.

The vibrant vibe also chases that feeling of advanced tech and latest standards.

Verification Illustration AML Illustration Liveness Illustration


Top notch development

Amazing development has been our delivery standard for years now and Synaps is no exception. The perfectly executed codebase is noticable in the smallest details for the user in the form of smooth motion design and high-fps experience.

const triggerStickey = 24

const [isNavStickey, setIsNavSticky] = useState(false)
const [isNavOpen, setIsNavOpen] = useState(false)

useEffect(() => {
   const handleScroll = () => {
     const setSticky =
       window.scrollY > triggerSticky && !isNavSticky
       ? setIsNavSticky(true)
       : setIsNavSticky(false)

     return setSticky
   window.addEventListener('scroll', handleScroll)

   return () => {
     window.removeEventListener('scroll', handleScroll)
   }, [])


Synaps is ready for the future

With an amazing new marketing website and gorgeous application that is intuitive and fun to use, Synaps is ready for the years to come to stay as a trustworthy partner for many clients to come.

Results overview