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In the entire landscape of apps there wasn’t a single iPhone app that made management of (recurring) subscriptions easy. With Bobby, we changed that. Bobby allows you to keep track of your recurring expenses and get back in control of your finances.


Bobby is a native iOS app with over 500K+ downloads and is available in eight different languages. The idea of Bobby was born out of the real need for subscription management by one of the Yummygum team members that left the nest and started living on their own.

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Designing and building an app to provide users with an uncluttered financial managing experience which is simple to use. Keep it simple, stupid.

Easily track all of my subscriptions so I know what I am spending. And I have control. Thank you for this app!

Jesse de Vlugt

Review from App Store

Bringing Bobby to life

One of our go to talents for logo design is Jord Riekwel, and we hit him up to help us design a logo for Bobby. Before we started brainstorming about what the logo was supposed to depict we already knew we were in search of a mascotte; an object or animal that was going to be linked to the apps functions.

After a few brainstorm sessions we knew that Bobby was going to be a squirrel, based on a squirrel’s fascinating characteristics of being able to memorize the whereabouts of what’s most important to them (buried nuts). This described Bobby's purpose perfectly.

Easy to use, simple to navigate

Bobby required a thorough thinking process to help shape the app screen-flow. We dug deep to crystalize what the essence of the app should be and how to mold that into a user interface. One of the most important criteria we kept in mind was making Bobby and its interface a powerful little helper while keeping the user interface as clean and simple as possible.

Simplicity is key

From within this overview screen users are able to either add or edit subscription. We think that is what sets Bobby aside from other subscription tracking apps; its simplicity and usability combined with an appealing user interface.

Besides designing a usable and beautiful app we believe in creating a strong visual identity throughought all of the app’s marketing products. We designed the website, social media imagery and HTML emails to breathe Bobby's branding.

Swiftly built in Swift

The first versions of Bobby were built in Objective-C, but as soon as Swift was released we knew we wanted to make switch to this more modern, and flexible code language. Our in-house development team took the challenge to do a complete rewrite and refactor for a future proof native mobile application.

The result of the newly developed Swift app was better performance, easier management in the future and ready for new operation systems to come.

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