We love bad good puns, (vegan) burgers and amazing products

If you’re you still reading, chances are you’ll fit right in.

Why join Yummygum?

Being happy and professionally challenged is our goal for every role and person in the team. Here's how we make that happen:

International projects

Our clients are all over the map, making for interesting collaborations with a global impact.

Munching on burgers

We promote a healthy lifestyle. However, resisting those juicy (vegan) burgers fails every so often here at the office.

Grow as a professional

Our Growth Framework ensures a continuous growth cycle in your role and as a human being.

Closely bound team

Being a tight-knit team we respect and inspire each other to create the best products possible. For everybody.

Go for excellence

We wake up thinking about how we can be just a little better than yesterday. Better people, better creators and better peers to each other and our clients.

Healthy work environment

We make sure our team gets the rest it deserves and needs. Our day starts at ten and is cut in half by a one hour lunch break.

These benefits are the default

We think certain benefits should come with your job, period. These benefits exist so we can focus on people — who also have lives outside of work.

Plenty of PTO

At least two days of paid time off per month. That's on top of eight national holidays. Recharge regularly to stay fresh and productive for work.

Casual working hrs

We start at ten in the morning and pack up around five. That gives us the right amount of time to enjoy our lives outside of work too. Basically, we don't work overtime.

Working from home

Many people on our team work from home one or two days a week. With the right setup and preparation it works better than being in the office.

Growth budget

We support growth. You get a yearly budget to spend on whatever you think helps you grow like books, courses and classes.

Team retreat

A week of fun together somewhere in a cottage or amazing villa. Get to know your team better while working on side projects. Work hard and play hard.

Annual bonus

As you grow, your salary grows. You can make bigger salary jumps depending on your added value to the company. An annual bonus around Christmas is a standard practice.
Map of the Yummygum office including highlightsMap of the Yummygum office including highlights

Enter the Yummygum office

We like our home like we like our designs; clean and minimal. We're based in the heart of beautiful Amsterdam by a canal. So don't hesitate to come to work by bike, boat, or jet ski too.

Okay enough about us, let's talk about you.

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We'd love to hear your story and see what you and your past work are made of to see if we're the right fit for you.

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