Building a fun-to-use masterclass platform that makes booking easy

We helped Leqture build a new online platform and marketing website that provides a solid, fast and easy entrypoint to high quality masterclasses.


Leqture offers a unique and exclusive selection of live online "60-minute" masterclass sessions. These sessions aim to develop teams, leaders, talents and entire workforces around the globe. Leqture curates, produces, and facilitates these live sessions for hundreds of companies that understand investing in their leadership, talents and company culture is crucial. The Leqture portfolio consists of over 200 live interactive sessions held by a group of diverse, curated experts.

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    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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    10 - 20

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    UX Design, Development


Leqture was ready to take their online presence to the next level. As they outsourced the design aspect of their new website to another agency, they were searching for the perfect complimentary agency that could bring that design alive and kicking, and future-proof. Through a visually appealing website that needed to have moments of delight, Leqture would be able to tap into the untapped potential of incoming leads.

Flexible and easy content management

More often than not, allowing marketing or content experts to have control over marketing website content key to its success. Our experience to seamlessly integrate DatoCMS as a content management system has been a repetitive joy to do with and for our clients.

With the right setup in terms of objects, pages, components and entities you get the perfect amount of flexibility while staying within the boundaries of an effective visual design; something that was essential for Leqture considering the frequently updated and alternating content they offer. A perfect match for the design that was done by another agency created.

A long time industry friend recommended Yummygum to take on the development of our marketing website. Both me as well as the agency that did the designs were very happy with the how the collaboration with the Yummygum team went.

Micha Schipper

Founder at Leqture

Showcasing the vast amount of masterclass topics through motion animation.
Compelling interactive carousel slides that highlights speakers

Visual moments of delight

A static design is just, well …static. We pushed ourselves to turn good static design into excellence through subtle animations. We carefully searched for opportunities to make sections more enticing by adding interactive and dynamic elements. While visitors are using the website they trickle deeper into the feeling of what Leqture stands for: the level of attention in their masterclasses is reflected in the details of the website.

Parity between mobile and desktop

Mobile usage still gains market share every year and this is was no exception for Leqture. That’s why it was ever so important to create a matching experience on mobile devices compared to desktop computers.

Our UX Design team and Development team put their heads together and create an amazing experience on mobile by using common mobile patterns. All of this while innovating on a smaller device by optimizing user flows and how we use the limited screen size.

A quick-to-open and smooth action bar to reduce friction and drive conversion.
Mobile responsive components built with care.
Our 'golden' development stack for the Leqture website.

Suitable tech stack for a high performance website

Our tech stack of choice was carefully picked after consulting the client. The main objective of this stack was to optimize for performance, flexibility of custom design and content management.

Using React, Next.js, CSS Modules and Framer Motion resulted in a website that scores over a 90 on the Google Web Vitals. Visitors now enjoy the experience of Leqture and their masterclasses without delay.

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