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Be it for personal, academic or enterprise usage; we want Bizy to stand out amongst competitors with providing thought-through digital dialog options.

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Applying all the insights from an intercontinental 3 hour Brand Sprint into a tangible, polished multi-device experience. Plus, creating a variety of Q&A formats and realizing them on such technical level that the results sit consistenly tight cross-platform.


After conducting the 3 hour Brand Sprint we delivered a Brand Concept, a document with style, typographic and color decisions going forward for the brand of Bizy. We created mobile-web, desktop and native wireframes, designs and a marketing website. Most was developed in-house by our Front-end team or in collaboration with Bizy's European tech team.

The talented Yummygum team delivered beautiful, responsive UI that helps our complex concepts function simply and elegantly for end users

Chris Spiller

CEO of Bizy

Creative carte blanche

Although Bizy chose to stick with their logo we basically were given complete creative freedom for everything else brand related. We came up with an overlapping theme that included the use of geometric shapes. These shapes represented individuals within a group during group decision making. The shapes were a reference to building blocks that can be stacked to create something new. It referenced progressively working towards group consent and decisions.

Colors and shapes

After going back and forth on the visual metaphor that’d be suitable for Bizy; the decision eventually fell on an unlikely ally. The Tangram (or Pinyin in China) is a dissection puzzle where players put together a shape with different pieces.

Diverse silhouttes can be created with the same set. It suits the ethos of Bizy; where many input formats are fitted into the same digital environment to create a variety of outcomes. Collectively, collaboratively we progress towards better ideas. The brand concept name became Particles; geometric shapes working in unison.


Juxtaposing the variety of shapes and colors: the subtle font TT Commons came out of the bus as absolute winner. It’s rounded on specific area’s but also sharp and straightforward. It’s also easy to read on every screensize.


Since this SaaS polling platform doesn’t suit one audience and is applicable to both business and pleasure; from booking a holiday to creating a shoppinglist all the way to voting on enterprise roadmaps. It’s colors should reflect that flexibility. There was also a deliberate decision to give colors a specific function in the system, f.e. the turquoise (a balanced color) was chosen to represent a closed state - showcasing it was time to go on to the next topic in thread.

Designing all major touch points that the user interacts with

After settling on the direction together; feeling enthusiastic and confident about the results to come, it’s time to tackle the main challenge of the design process. Integrating the vision into actual interactive touch points.

The groundwork consists of an inclusive and exhaustive Design Component Library; where bare-bone blueprints in the form of wireframes are turned meticulously into pixel-perfect designs for the responsive web.

In addition to the web products it was also [of importance] to incorporate the memorable style into everything from the marketing website to HTML e-mail templates and a mobile application.

From design to code while remote staying collaborative with oversees teams

The client showcased a strong preference for a modern tech stack. Yummygum also collaborated with their back-end team who, at the time, were working on the GraphQL rest API back-end we used to breathe live into our components.

As we took on the front-end development of Bizy we used React to build components that lived inside Storybook. Storybook in turn was setup to mirror the Atomic Design structure we created in our Design Library.


Yummygum delivered a strong foundation to further strenghten the Bizy brand in the market. This has held up since starting in 2019. The company has grown exponentially and is set out to become the polling solution for both B2C and B2B use-cases. Many of which in HR & Management too.

We’re proud of the super clean and easy-to-use UI powered by a modularly set up Design Library and a code component library.

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