Practice what you preach to boost conversion

We helped Watermelon with a reimagined brand, an easily extensible design system and gorgeous new website.


Watermelon brings all incoming inquiries and customer contact information together in one place. They utilise AI-powered software to easily manage valuable contact moments across different channels from one dashboard. A chatbot can be created on the most used channels to automate conversations with a human touch.
  • Industry

    Digital customer service

  • Headquarters

    Utrecht, The Netherlands

  • Company size

    ~ 50 employees

  • Our services

    Branding, UX Design, Visual Design, Development


Growth was slowing down for Watermelon as competition is fierce in the digital customer service industry. The brand and showcase of their products was in dire need of an next-level vision.


With in-depth workshops we reimagined the Watermelon brand and created an easily extensible design system that laid the foundation for a gorgeous new website. This refresh aligned the visual presentation with the current Watermelon vision.

The website focused on a “practice what you preach” approach to get potential customers interested in their products right off the bat.

The new brand is a a visual representation of Watermelon's fun-loving team and approach in their business.

A professional design process, a dedicated team and open communication. No nonsense, just hard work! They show that they care.

Marieke Mutsaerts

Team Lead Marketing at Watermelon

Behind the scenes

Take the journey of scrolling through the amazing visuals that we created for the new Watermelon brand and website.

Colors & typography

Essential to the Watermelon brand is color and its combination with bold typography. The wide spectrum of color matches up with the diverse-thinking people in their team. The shapes of the typeface feel modern, yet trustworthy.

An updated identity

The identity of Watermelon evolved during this project and is now ready for the years to come. We refreshed their logo shapes and colors to feel more current and forward-thinking. The green and red mark was and still is a very recognizable visual for the brand.

Flexible application of the brand

The flexible nature of the new brand allows for many different applications of the colors and typography, while staying recnogizable.

Illustrations & graphics

Illustrations and graphics were an important part of the visualisation of making it easier for visitors to understand what Watermelon offers. Our team of artists started sketches and turned ideas from paper to gorgeous tiny visuals.

Design system and UI library

An extensive library of interface elements, set up with a clear set of guidelines and rules to follow creates an environment of consistent visuals. The elements adjust to the needs of our visual designers.

State of the art website codebase

The pixel perfect designs are build in a modern tech stack to optimise for performance and SEO effectiveness. Utilizing server sided rendering created a blazing fast website with a Lighthouse score over 90.

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