Creating a lifestyle driven e-commerce experience

We redesigned the Bevel e-commerce experience to drive conversions through design.


Walker & Company's purpose is to "make health and beauty simple for people of color". In the light of fulfilling this purpose, Bevel is Walker & Co's brand that specifically caters to the male demographic. Walker & Company was acquired by consumer goods multinational Procter & Gamble late 2018.

Walker & Co's reached out to us to help them drive Bevel conversions through design. Overall the entire e-commerce experience would benefit from an improved look and feel in area’s such as the checkout flow and product subscriptions. And that's where we came in.

Logo of Walker and Company


Overhauling the entire e-commerce experience with sophisticated design touch ups and a stronger emphasis on lifestyle, improving the product subscription services along the way.


We refined bevel’s brand concept, designed a new checkout flow and implemented a new design overhaul. After which we handed off the designs to Bevel’s own talented front-end developers.

After working with Yummygum at one company, I hired them again for the next. It's difficult to find creative agencies that care, can project manage efficiently, and take user problems and think about holistic solutions; these are 3 of many things they do incredibly well.

Romy Macasieb

VP of Product Management at Walker & Company Brands

Adding to an existing style direction

Although the Bevel team had already laid the groundwork for a style direction, we knew there was room for improvement and expansion. Amongst other things we proposed creating a consistent grid system and taking on the existing color palette.

Needless to say all neatly structured and organized in a design library with reusable design components.


We suggested a more prominent role for the DinPro typeface, which used to coexist with a small-set and hard-to-read serif typeface.

The ultimate e-commerce experience on all devices

Even though we adopted a desktop first approach during the initial design phases, we thought out how every single page would look and feel when viewed on mobile devices and adapted accordingly.

Sophisticated product cards

Bevel has some of the most amazing product design seen in the mens health and beauty industry. We contained single products in sophisticated cards design that would show both the product details, actionable triggers and of course the beautiful product; all visually balanced to usability perfection.

Passing the baton

Unlike most of our client projects, the Bevel renovation project didn't include front-end development from our side. So after doing our metaphorical design lap we would pass the baton to the talented development team over at Bevel. To smoothen this process we used Zeplin for developer handoff, a trusty tool our team has tons of experience using.

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