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80% — that's the stat. 80% of our clients start a second project with us. Why? Because we focus on mutual benefits, trust, quality and growth. We build a foundation for success, then keep evolving alongside our clients. Client relationships are like any other relationship: you get out what you put in.

Building a foundation for success

Before cooking I always prepare and organize the ingredients first — just like successful projects always should start with a strong foundation first. Grab a bowl and put in the goals, challenges and vision in there. Mash up a target audience and customer journey together, etc. Defining success and aligning on vision ensures a successful project, and open communication is key throughout this process. When you keep each other informed every step of the way, you build trust and reliability.

As companies or products evolve, a foundation allows us to easily adapt and create the deliverables that really make an impact, or taste great ;-)

Ensuring mutual benefit

While I love a simple authentic fried rice, I can thoroughly enjoy some good Asian Fusion too. The same can happen with long term relationships where you start off with something pure, and evolve to find new benefits together. Needs can change, and by embracing flexibility and constantly evolving skills you can meet these new demands. Consistently delivering top-notch work is a standard a team should thrive on, as we do. And clients love it.

The digital world moves fast, and we keep pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities for continuous innovation to stay ahead of the curve and relevant for our clients.

Rewards of long-term collaboration

The benefits of these long-term partnerships go beyond just happy clients (although that's pretty awesome too). We see increased efficiency as the more we work together, the smoother the process becomes. Then a deep understanding of a company’s voice and vision inside-out exists, allowing for a silky smooth collaboration.

Over time, we develop a sixth sense for new needs, wishes and ways of working. This leads to incredible results you can see with our long term clients and friends at Spider Strategies, The Feed, Hotelchamp, Martin Garrix, Studytube, Shutterfly, Pearson, Adobe, Miro and

Let me know if you resonate with this, love to hear your thoughts. Or have a must-eat recipe from the Asian kitchen!

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