Making sense of the spaghetti that is business rules engines

A huge hurdle for organizations is growing pains and the overload inter-disciplinary communication brings. Fyngo (meaning to instruct) is the solution business leaders need to speak with their engineers.


Fyngo is the brain-child of Charles; a former CTO for mid-size companies that constantly ran into the same challenges when it came to organizational communications.

Product managers, technical engineers and their executive stakeholders all vary in policy-making understanding and guiding principles in the enterprise. Be it office rules or entire product architecture.

Implementing new features is costly; especially when all live-changing decisions are communicated through a simple whiteboard drawing and thousands of corresponding e-mails with the entire company in the BCC/CC.

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A scalable, collaborative platform where enterprise decision-makers can express their entirety of business with (non-)technical people to better synchronize.


We loved diving into extensive UX Research into the perception of the business stakeholder, product manager and technical engineer which lead to an interactive prototype that is used for onboarding new users to Fyngo.

We also created a full-fletched brand concept that aligns with the values of the client’s client and communicates it’s to be taken seriously. It’s designed to deliberately stand-out from the crowd. So long e-mail clients, cloud soup, unsecured photo-sharing and losing your amazing ideas in piles of paper!

Thank you as well for your presentation. I really enjoyed seeing the prototype [..]

Charles Till

Founder at Fyngo

The concept: contribute & disambiguate

The first step when finding a common theme or thread is to look at the very essence of Fyngo. It screams making sure everyone understands their own and eachother's responsibilities. It's about removing obstacles and adding clarity to understanding one another. We go head first into a concept brainstorm.

All of this is ideally conveyed in a tone of voice that says 'easy-and even-enjoyable-to-use'. However, the brand shouldn’t feel immature either. It must radiate capability to reduce the communication ‘footprint’ of any company regardeless of it's size.

The halftone print hands and patterns represent the different user types that create, edit and communicate business rules from all roles within a company. They create a recognizable yet abstract image that doesn't excluse because of this very level of abstraction. Besides that, the ink dots have a nice canvas 'grid' reference.

Brave explorations to digitize that traditional feeling

Who doesn’t love circling around that final solution, placing sticky notes on a glass wall and drawing endless connections on the wall? This old-school feeling shouldn’t be replaced by digital tools but instead embraced. The additional effect that should be added is instant results, calculations and bridges being build. This way we’re only improving on the great UX foundations our peers have built over the years.

Unwinding the cable salad

The classical business rules engine to which B2B-organizations might be familair has been subsumed in the no-code/low-code terminology. That’s a giant spectrum; therefore many competitors sell giant packages with many (perhaps unused) functionalities.

The goal for Fyngo is to offer 20% core principles; creating an effortless tool. What has been uncovered in the UX trials: explain business rules through logical relations, have users draw connections (like from a whiteboard), maintain a permanent repository with solid structure and help reduce cognitive load. This means both when creating rules and disclosing them once in-use.

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