Creating a platform that helps people stay healthy & happy (at their job)

We designed and developed a modern looking platform for Johan to help businesses help their employees stay happy and healthy; in life, and thus at work.


Johan is a true multi-tool for businesses to offer sustainable employability. Being one unified platform with the likes of AON, the municipality of Amsterdam and TNO (the Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research), the name Johan has become synonymous with sustainable employability. With over 200k annual users Johan actively contributes to a more vital society. That’s because they are the infrastructure that allows individuals stay healthy and happy (at their job).

Johan logo set in dark monochrome color
  • Industry

    Health tech

  • Headquarter

    Hoofddorp, the Netherlands

  • Company size

    < 20

  • Our services

    UX Design, Visual Design, Development


Every person is unique. And when it comes to sustainable employability the key is to continuously monitor, asses and act upon someone’s (needs for) physical and mental support. This involves many parties, from employers to healthcare professionals, each with their own expertise. Johan asked us to design a platform that felt like one smooth ultimate experience to the end user.


We defined a modern and sleek style direction which we translated into a full fledged design system. Using that very same design system that existed of all hand made design components and styles we designed a complete platform ready for Johan’s in-house development team to turn into. Later in the process our own development team reinforced the Johan team. We delivered a smooth running web application with corresponding mobile app.

Yummygum knows how to translate difficult business logic into user-friendly experiences, clean and uncluttered interfaces. We value the integration between Yummygum’s design team, their frontend development team and our in-house backend developers. They provided us with a design system making it easy to extend new features or build new ones. In the future we definitely intend on working with Yummygum again.

Vincent Perdijk

Software Developer at Johan

Customizable yet in style

On a person’s road to sustainable employability many organizations are involved. They would each get the option to create their own project landing page within the Johan platform. Besides giving organizations the obvious option of adding their logo as project avatar we suggested letting them add a dash of (brand) color to the project pages. That color would be used very subtly as we wanted to avoid those pages feeling too much astray within the Johan Platform.

A humane looking marketplace

Typically it’s a business that determines the pool of health care professionals their employees can pick and choose products from. To make this quote-unquote “marketplace” come across more humane we went with an incredible and versatile stock illustration set.

Surveys people will actually want to do

Surveys are an important part, if not *the* most important part of Johan. Within the platform healthcare professionals can use TNO (the Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research) verified surveys at any time to keep a close eye on a person’s wellbeing. We went and designed and developed a survey that was focused and easy to understand. Both on desktop and mobile.

Adoption for a good cause

As an individual you get invited to Johan through your current employer. The onboarding that follows such an invite needs to be as smooth as possible to turn new users into returning users. After all, only then would Johan fulfill its mission of effective sustainable employability. We designed a near frictionless onboarding for this. The value of the design system we set up earlier became apparent as we created and implemented this onboarding flow.

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