Enabling honest and transparent ticket sales for event hosts and visitors

We catapulted InYouGo to take on the ticket selling industry by providing them with a rich yet straightforward user experience and a captivating visual direction.


InYouGo grew tired of high fees and lack of transparency in ticket sales on various ticketing platforms. To counter this they created their own fair platform for hosts to sell tickets and engage with their fans. Despite being new in the entertainment industry, they’re revolutionizing the ticket-buying experience for events we love.

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As finding and owning a space within a market dominated by big players can be quite intimidating, InYouGo needed to – literally – stand out from the crowd. They were looking for a visual direction applied to a durable user experience to go with it every step of the way. They had the idea roaring to go and we helped them make that idea a reality.


With a solid style direction, we prepped InYouGo for their role on the world’s stage. Amongst other things this style direction contained strong typography and color palette recommendations that suited InYouGo’s desired look and feel. We delivered well thought out user flows, translated into wireframes with small moments of delight. We then translated the wireframes into stunning and unique looking web pages and web app interface, powered by a comprehensive design system.

Intriguing gradients

One glance at the platform and it’s the first thing you see: gradients. By carefully selecting only the finest of colors that convey everything InYouGo stands for, like honesty, integrity and artistry, we were able to create gradients that are not only pleasing to the eye, but pleasing for everyday use too. They don’t just look the part, they make the part! The gradients were mixed with semi transparency on elements like containers, as a subtle hint at ‘transparency’, something valued deeply by InYouGo.

Elevating the crowd

We were inspired by the color orange as it stands for optimism, and has an uplifting note that keeps spirits high on top of inspiring others. Exactly what InYouGo should be. To keep a certain contrast we added hints of purple throughout the designs. It's able to stand out and grab your attention when it needs to, without losing its playful touch. Perfect for buttons, titles and other places that needed that extra something.

A custom seat mapping experience

Besides creating a platform and a marketing website to help creators respectively advertise and set up events behind the scenes, we also stuck our teeth into the purchasing flow. We mapped out how purchasing a ticket and selecting a seat would *actually* work. Through (digital) whiteboard sessions with the client we mapped out every step of the way. This included each possible edge case a user would bump into. But there’s even more to it! We also got into the nitty gritty of how a host would easily create a seat map themselves, from scratch. Allowing them to map out entire stadiums, or their quaint little back garden.

Consistent style across the platform

InYouGo facilitates the experience for creators as well as their audiences. For that reason we needed to strike a balance between those two sections being connected, as well as them being their own thing. For the creator side we focused on optimizing for scannability and clarity of the event creating and managing experience. This would allow users to dive into the details, and helps maintain excitement for it too. Hosting an event is special, and the experience shouldn’t diminish that, nor should it feel like a chore. 

The audience side on the other hand was the perfect place to implement more outspoken branded elements that allowed the design to take the spotlight. Meaning that for the user, the excitement of attending an event started from the minute they started browsing for it.

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