Fueling a company management hub with custom designated app icons

We design beautiful custom app for the ‘starter apps’ that can be found in company management software Gretel.


Gretel is a 2020 startup founded by Alex Hughes. Originally aimed at a non-tech savvy audience, Gretel aims to create a better way to run small to medium sizes companies while decreasing the amount of tools needed to do this.

With built-in app like file storage, team chat, objective management and countless integrations, Gretel is set to be the all-in-one kickstarter for professional teams.

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As Gretel helps entrepreneurs kickstart their business there was a need for Gretel’s own ‘starter apps’ to be perceived as simple yet powerful and able tools. Having designated app icons would have to reinforce that idea.

Icons that stand out (literally)

All icons as well as background shapes have a subtle cast shadow. This creates depth, richness and creates sufficient contrast against the background. Each icon has a white shape with depth laid on top of it to convey what the ‘starter app’ it represents does. These shapes are 3 dimensional where each layer of depth has its own highlight, lightly inspired by macOS Big Sur & Monterey.


Through six unique and high fidelity app icons Gretel’s starter apps now feel like powerful tools and worthy alternatives to yet available stand alone apps and web apps. Each icon was created by on a custom palette yet through clear design guidelines and visual treatment still feel like one suite of apps.

I worked with Yummygum for the second time around because of their attention to detail. I was looking for icons for our product's minimalist home page. The icons ended up perfect; they really brought our homepage to life.

Alex Hughes

Founder at Gretel

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