Growing happiness and motivation for employees

Helixers has a clear vision and the right people. We helped them digitalize their ideas and proven process to improve motivation, dedication and loyalty within companies.


At its core Helixers consists of passionate people who care about the well-being and growth of every employee. Helixers helps employees grow and thereby the companies they work with. This increases motivation, dedication and lowers staff turnover.

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    Branding, UX Design, Visual Design


Humans are drawn to self improvement from birth, but it can be scary and difficult. Helixers asked us to create a gorgeous, inviting, soothing and effective brand. This combined with a product design that invites you to improve yourself.


The icon design, patterns, color palettes, typographic scales and pixel perfect components we designed are the foundation of the new Helixers. A wide range of deliverables allows Helixers to build up their brand in many digital channels. This was supercharged through a flexible design system for their digital products.

In the search for an agency to take our product to the next level we chose Yummygum. UX-wise they sparked our imagination of what was possible. The deliverables were of high quality and that was exactly the reason why we chose to work with Yummygum

Joost Coolen

Co-Founder at Helixers

Modular design for many use cases

Through a meticulously structured design system we were able to design for many different use cases throughout their digital platform. Content can now be adjusted to the right context and components can be reused and moved around. This helped live discussions on the layout of effective user flows.

Keeping your eye on the ball

Through data you gain insight and you’re able to act on it. Helixers *is* big data. It was our challenge to keep that laser focus on what matters; when it matters. Clearly framed layouts were sketched and turned into wireframes. The offered our visual squad the guidelines needed to design the final pixel perfect screens.

The consistent use of applied colors, typographic styles and UX patterns help guide users through the platform in a breeze. Typography in Helixers is now very legible, yet keeps a unique hint that generates an emotional connection to the brand.

Access anywhere on the go

While Helixers is not a mobile first product, allowing its users access anywhere was a requirement that we chased and fulfilled. Making perfect use of whitespace and staying true to the written guidelines of the brand the mobile experience is gorgeous to look at, and still very usable. Hitting the brief.

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