No page title can express who and how we are

But we can try. Our agency is only as fresh, fun, sweet and cool as our people. We pride ourselves for the culture and vibe we've created with our team and carry out every day again.

Our diverse team of specialists infuses every thing and every body with their forward-thinking enthusiasm on being and doing better. Whether it we work a digital product, cook a delicious meal, build a React Native app, decorate our homes, you name it — we share, motivate, inspire and push each other for the best on a daily basis.

Inclusiveness and diversity

We pinky promise to create and protect a work environment that is inclusive for everybody, and generates equal chances for all. We thrive in a safe and soothing work place. Our Code of Conduct is our manifesto to remind others and ourselves of that.

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This is us

We’re a whole bunch of things.

We are ourselves

Dress the way you feel represents who you are with pronouns to match (or not).  Share photos of your pet. Paint weird pictures or only eat insects. Go on irrationally long bike rides and set the world record for doing the longest Dungeons and Dragons session ever. 

Just be yourself, we promise to do the same.

We are happy

We stay away from projects and situations that don’t make our eyes light up. The results are just better if we work on something that feels right. We take risks and we stand by you.

We believe happiness can be found in taking risks and dare to innovate.

But we are more; we are

  • Driven

    Our working hours are short for a reason. It lets us get those short bursts of creativity and productivity. 

    We squeeze every last drop of valuable output out every hour. Only to be able to fall into a relaxed and satisfied state at the end of our day.

  • Candid

    When we say "everything is a team effort" we mean it. Our process is built around sharing and collaboration, both within our team as with clients.

    Being able to speak your mind is key in making a team effort produce excellence.

  • Caring

    Caring is twofold.

    We're all humans and like to care for each other, in good and bad times.

    Caring about results, happy users and succesful businesses is a no-brainer to our team.

A few fun facts

Some utterly science-backed and truly true and factual facts

  • 47

    Daily Foosball Goals

  • 68

    Cups of coffee / week

  • 42

    Office Plants

  • 12

    Bad word jokes / day

Okay enough about us, let's talk about you.

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