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We enabled Argyle to bring parity between their exceptional services and their marketing website through amazing UX Design and Development.


Argyle, with its mission to revolutionize financial services by creating a universal network for income and employment data, is on the path to enhancing business efficiencies and transforming consumer access. A team consisting of over 135 professionals from 19 countries is making financial data and services easily accessible for customers. As a testament to their efforts, Argyle has secured a staggering $55 million in funding in 2022.

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Thanks to our expertise in both UX Design and Development, we were able to precisely identify the areas where Argyle's new marketing website would make the most significant impact, setting them up for future success.

Our UX Design team seamlessly translated new content and requirements into stunning user flows and wireframes that resulted in higher conversions. Our diligent developers then transformed the visual designs into a functional codebase, adding refined and captivating motion details that brought the website to life. Finally, we delivered the website with a user-friendly content management system, making it effortless to update and optimize for search engines.

This is a visualization of the highest level of pages in our Information Architecture.
Smooth hover transitions hinting at interactive content.
Even the finest design details were reflected in the coded version

Amazing collaboration with our UX team leads to stunning results

The instant chemistry between our UX team and Argyle's Head of Design was nothing short of inspirational, sparking a collaborative effort that was singularly focused on delivering remarkable results. By leveraging our collective expertise in a series of joint sessions, we uncovered novel approaches and layouts to enhance the marketing website's effectiveness.

Communication was seamless, enabling us to quickly align weekly on UX research and wireframes. The final result was a stunning set of wireframes and prototypes, which we could effortlessly user test and hand off to the visual design team for further refinement. 

Mindmapping is standard practice for our UX team to get an overview of services, products and audiences.

Attention to detail from our developers

With a keen eye for detail and years of experience building marketing websites our development team went to work. Careful attention to responsive design principles ensured that users can access the site on a range of devices seamlessly and have a consistent experience.

Implementing the UX and Visual Design was one part of the job, but equally important was the flexibility of the CMS behind it and the overall performance of the website. Our team always strives and achieves a Web Vitals score of 90+ while still keeping a lot of dynamic and interesting visuals.

One example of this technique was building a carousel purely with vanilla HTML & CSS for optimal performance and compatibility.

Integrating multiple APIs

The real fun starts when you can connect multiple streams of data together into one product through APIs. Part of this task was integrating the amazing DatoCMS into the marketing website for easy CRUD of records, blog posts and pages. Another challenge we tackled was integrating their existing setup of their career opportunities in Greenhouse and flawlessly getting that data onto the marketing website. This allows talent to experience the personality of Argyle as a company, and immediately apply for a job in the same experience.

By using tokens our Development team was able to efficiently style cards to perfection
We turned to DatoCMS and Greenhouse, a match made in heaven

The feeling of globalization and animating SVGs for extra sprinkles

One of Argyle’s most impressive inner workings is their successful execution of making an almost fully remote company work very well. Our UX team took this impressive trait and turned it into something that is felt through the website. Very directly by for example showcasing their distributed team on a globe, and in more subtle ways like copywriting.

The extra mile on that idea was adding motion design to the SVG of the globe. The locations and connecting nodes are animated randomly and animated separately from the globe.

Making sense of information architecture and content

Argyle offers a wide range of services and products, which should be easy to digest and understand by visitors. Creating an organic and logical information architecture around solutions and use cases was an amazing challenge we completed. With ease, users can now feel connected to the content and have regular a-ha moments.

Through collaborative sessions with the team at Argyle we also brainstormed on simplifying their content and copywriting to easier to understand wording and less jargon. This allows the website to be more self serving and puts less stress on the sales team at Argyle with new leads. In-depth research and pattern analysis was key to position Argyle correctly.

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