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Instantly helps eliminating the noise and brings fans and creators closer together through timely notifications. Currently, social networks are an outright mess when trying to stay up to date with your favourite creator. Instantly aims to converge these networks into one focused stream of information. Making sure so called “Super fans” are the first to know. To support this, Instantly needed a user centered experience, a sleek design and a future proof build.

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    Social media

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    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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    Branding & Concepting, Visual Design, UX Design, Front-end Development


Invoke the feeling of connection, being the first to know and exclusivity while staying accessible to all.


As a foundation we created a brand concept, provided an insight into their target audience, constructed wireframes before visually designing the screens. We built the apps in React Native running smoothly on Android and iOS. We updated the back-end and back-office for Instantly to ensure a future proof codebase.

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    Unique users in 24h

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    iOS App Store rating

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    Conversion rate

After a few years of ideation we reached out to Yummygum who took Instantly to the next level and made it look and feel like an app to compete in the big league. What we like about the Yummygum team is their proactive approach to projects. The first post-launch results outperformed our goals and exceeded our expectations.

Team Instantly

Everyone involved at Instantly

Extending the brand to a new level

With a logo and some colors as a starting point, we decided to embrace the existing dot in the logo as a center piece for our concept. The red dot is reminiscent of a notification badge. The red color stands for the beating heart of the fanbase, portraying the excitement of a super fan. With warm tones complimenting the red to provoke an overall warm and inviting feeling. All elements coming together around the idea of community, curiosity and exceptional experiences


On the hunt for a relatively neutral typeface that doesn’t pull too much attention, our visual design team decided on “Manrope”. With subtle characteristic difference compared to iOS’ native typeface, Manrope makes for a calmingly custom feel.

Color Palette

To support the “first to know” focus of Instantly, we proposed to keep a similar red, with some minor tweaks, aiming to give it a little more “punch” alongside a more contrast-y and modern feel. Complementing the warm tone of the red, we opted for a space grey backdrop; the main color you'll see throughout the app. With some plum and orange tones we completed the palette to make the brand overall feel less monochrome.

“UX-ing” subscription models

Instantly offers multiple subscription plans for its users, so our UX team set out to design a system aiming to supply useful extra's without belittling the free plan features. The result is a segmented presentation of tailor-made subscription packages customisable in the back-office for every creator.

1 code base, 2 operating systems

Instantly supports both iOS users as well as its Android counterpart because our development team built the app using React Native. Improving the initial codebase to a more advanced and flexible nature. An entire native design system of styled components was implemented from the ground up, making this project a flagship of our team's efforts.

From the front to the back-end

Laravel has been our choice as a PHP Framework as the foundation for the back-end. This enabled us to ensure a performant, secure and flexible back-end. One of our favourite APIs to use during this project was OneSignal, helping to implement the perfect notification solution Instantly needed. Analytics and data is tracked and consumed easily to make data backed decisions.


With a new brand concept, a beautiful and usable design, and a future proof codebase, Instantly is ready to bring artists and fans closer together. The Instantly app was launched in December 2021.

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