Rethinking an IT consultancy firm brand to be out of this world

We helped Tuple reach for the stars with a redesigned, expressive brand to match their ambitions for years to come.


Tuple is an ambitious IT consultancy firm that has made it their mission to stay up to date with all latest trending developments within the world of information technology and apply and share this with the world. This means that no matter their clientele, whether that’s small startups or large scale corporations, the Tuple team is here to help organizations reach the highest form of digital excellence and become leaders in their respective industry.

The new logo of Tuple in a dark color
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    IT Consultancy

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    Andelst, The Netherlands

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Tuple felt like they needed identity handlebars for clear and focused messaging. They were looking for a clear and distinctive brand that would convey their vision, mission and ambitions. The company was ready for a rebrand to accomplish just that.

Look the part

No one knows a company and its values better than the company’s founders. They usually have a gut feeling on what their company’s brand should feel like and what they would like the brand to represent. With close collaboration and discovery workshops we created two amazing concepts, one of which fitted Tuple like a glove: “Tuple helps organizations digitally transform through high quality, future-proof software and cloud solutions so they can be leaders within their respective industry.”

This concept was the starting point for the new brand and its brand assets. Tuple makes an impact by helping its clients turn into super stars (again); lightyears ahead of their competitors.

We’d been trying to figure out how to position ourselves in a competing market. Through various workshop Yummygum guided us and delivered a beautiful brand identity that’s inspired us ever since. Thanks to Yummygum not only did we find the direction, we found our identity and have never been as motivated as we are now.

Sefa Şentürk

Partner at Tuple

From reserved to an expressive voice

To fuel the idea of Tuple’s technological advantage we ended up with a modern and somewhat futuristic typeface. With its clean and balanced proportions, Founders Grotesk has a friendly, approachable and futuristic feel. The typeface’s characteristics fit right in with how Tuple wants to present themselves to the world: expressive and innovative in their field, with their door always being open to help others become digital experts. Founders Grotesk has a strong foundation in geometric shapes, yet triggers visual interest by not feeling default or monotone.

As for the color palette, we searched far and wide for a combination of bold and expressive colors that look the part. This way other visual elements can fall into place like a puzzle piece.

Purple is the foundation color that stands for creativity, wisdom and royalty. It radiates a powerful, positive energy that leads the way for the other colors in the palette to follow. The gray tone is used to balance out the other vibrant colors within the brand to make it as cohesive as can be.


With the concept being literally out of this world, it only made sense to add in gradients that give depth and dimensionality to the design while hinting at the universe and star halos. With the cherry on top being a subtle but present noise texture that represents the stars and galaxies, far far away.

From a flexible color palette, to solids and gradients, we made sure every element stays true to the brand.

A wordmark set up for multiple use cases

What else can connect a brand more to the company in the minds of their audience than their logo?! Exactly. For Tuple, we designed a minimalist yet powerful logomark that is an abstract representation of a meteorite-like impact in an atmosphere, a book representing the vast amount of technological knowledge present within the company and an  uppercase ‘T’. As Tuple prides itself for being (seen as) knowledgeable, involved, excited and they strive for excellence– all of these core values are incorporated within the logo. Above all the logo is functional and can be used either as a mark on its own, or together with the word Tuple to create a customized word mark. The logo is recognizable even from outer space, we tested.

Enabling the brand for whatever comes their way

With ambitions of launching successful open source projects, Tuple aims to share their knowledge with other IT professionals, potential employees and fans of the brand. To showcase what this could look like, we designed a mockup of what a fictive Tuple coding syntax theme, called Starlight, would look like. Marked by the Tuple brand color palette it could look like this; clean, simple and above all: functional.

Patterns system

To build on the expressiveness of the brand, we iterated on multiple patterns to be used throughout the designs. Those being stars, light beams and radial gradients to represent celestial bodies throughout the universe. They can be used to give the brand that extra something and work extremely well as backgrounds or can be used for an extra eye catching element. These abstract ideas and patterns can be applied to launch a successful social media campaign, put up on a billboard on Times Square or wear something memorable at  tech events.

Our foundation of the new brand gives Tuple the focus they were looking for to use in their messaging. When it comes to the brand identity, they now have an infinite amount of possibilities and applications at their disposal for consistency throughout their brand touchpoints. And this is just the beginning for Tuple.

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