Helping users drive safer with clear icons


Flitsmeister is a Dutch mobile app for Android and iOS focused on warning users of speed cameras, accidents and other safety messages regarding traffic obstacles. It has about 1.7 million active users opening the app at least 20 times a month. It has been successful since its launch in February 2010 and has become a household name throughout the Netherlands ever since.

Flitsmeister logo
  • Industry

    Navigation/Traffic information

  • Headquarters

    Veenendaal, The Netherlands

  • Company size


  • Our services

    Icon design


Designing instantly recognizable icons fitting on multiple sizes, matching the current brand.


A set of consistently and hand-crafted icons to be used in the app to convey traffic information in multiple ways. It was important that the icons were delivered in a vector format (SVG) to ensure the icons look good on any size. We tweaked some of the bigger and smaller icons to address their scale.

Identifying danger from a mile away

People use Flitsmeister while driving, it is important that the icons are recognizable even if the users’ phone is quite some distance removed from the face. Therefore we have refrained from going too much into the little details while maintaining a nice balance between definition and recognizability.

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