Building a unified online presence for an identity verification solution provider

A new brand identity rolled out across an web tool and a blazing fast website for identity verification specialist Synaps


Synaps’ purpose is to their customers and their subsequent users to meet their online identity compliance requirements. They do so by offering a tailored identity verification solutions to businesses ranging from blockchain platforms to smart contract platforms.

Synaps Logo


There are numerous online identity verification products out there. But none of them are both as tailored to businesses and as frictionless to use for those business’ end users as Synaps. Synaps wanted to stand out to through a trustworthy yet modern look. In a landscape full of complex verification brands a trustworthy yet progressive brand and website would help them stand out in a digital world.


We delivered a Brand Concept document that included typography decisions along with a brand color palette and illustration guidelines. On top of the website design we also delivered the screens and illustrations for the Synaps identity verification tool. All in all, we provided the whole shebang; from UX research to wireframes to visual design . The Brand and derrived style direction were the foundation to design and build a modern marketing website with a ready-to-use CMS for the Synaps team to update the website’s content.

Colors & combinations

The Synaps team expressed their desire to have the design direction find a balance between friendly and yet technical / modern. We landed on a palette that achied just that. To allow each of Synaps verification solutions to get to shine we made sure we added sufficient secondary colors that would be used to theme those sub branded products.


In the process of shaping the brand the search for a typeface was easily scoped. We paired the colors with the approachable yet modern looking typeface Karla. Along with the refined color palette Karla was able to give the sophistocated look and feel that would suit Synaps perfectly.

Illustrations and it’s colors

Achieving the approachable look and feel the Synaps team felt strongly about we knew pretty early on in the process to heavily lean on custom illustration work. Both for in the ID verification tool(s) as on the website. The real power of illustrations layes within their ability to make a product more human as the end user is (subconciously) able to relate to more life-like objects.


To make the online ID verification For iconography we chosen going for a icon style that conveys confidence yet doesn’t look too harsh and sharp. It should feel friendly yet authoritarian.

Unique fitting solutions

Synaps offers a wide range of tailored solutions for identity verification. From proof of address to phone verifications. To let every single solution shine we created custom illustration with designated color palettes. Here you can witness some of the tailored page designs.

Performant like no other website

There was a clear goal for the website from a technical perspective: it needed to be performant like no other website. To ensure we’d meet these expectations and for the sake of project efficiency we went with a front-end stack that included React and Next.js. In the light of creating a modern looking product we turned to Framer Motion for the website to become a delightful interactive experience. Clean page transitions and buttery came with the territory!

Future proofing

A hard requirement for the Synaps website was to make it future proof. Both in the sense of updating the website’s content as well making sure it would stand the test of time. We implemented our go-to CMS DatoCMS to allow the Synaps team to effortlessly built upon the website with new content, alter copywriting and change imagery.

To future proof the website even more we took a couple of measures to achieve maintainability and overall improve documentation needed to work on the product in the future. Our development team turned the Figma made design system into scalable code to allow for future expansion of the website. Brought to the next level by the miracle of design tokens.


With a new brand-infused style direction, a reimagined and redesigned identify verification tool and website, Synaps has been set up for a unique and consistent representation to its clients. The website was delivered in August of 2021 and was launched a few months after.

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