Syncing a digital design to a whiteboard toolset

Collaborative SaaS Miro approached us to create an extension for their platform which syncs Adobe XD designs in realtime to their whiteboard infinite canvas.


Miro (previously RealtimeBoard) is well-known within the digital creative industry as an online collaborative whiteboard platform. They want to empower groups of people everywhere to enter the Miroverse aka a wild scala of tools for cross-functional team work.

While Miro's style direction is dear to our heart; the service required this time around was to create a plug-in specifically for designers who work in Adobe XD and Miro. This was to be shown on Adobe Max 2020, the creativity conference.

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Develop an extension to embed specific artboards you want to share, set permissions and easily sync any updates made in Adobe XD while maintaining exemplar technical standards.


Important aspects were security, reliability and ease of use. A new aspect to the extension was connecting the Adobe OAuth flow into an ‘app’ - so that private documents could be inspected by users. The plug-in should also be cohesive to all Miro products; aligning with their possibilities and design constraints.

In early development stages Yummygum hosted the extension themselves until handoff between teams occurred. The end-result is a working extension hosted on their platform; enabling access to thousands of Adobe Xd users.

Collaboration with the masters of online communication

The co-operation between Yummygum and Miro happened between an inter-disciplinary remote team within Miro’s whiteboard environment - design decisions were communicated through flows and technical constraints were laid bare with comments, sticky-notes and shared documents.

It was very interesting to see the experts using their personal product to the fullest potential.

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