An energetic brand refresh for a sports nutrition ecommerce platform


The Feed exists of a highly educated team of professionals that knows what is current and true in the world of sports nutrition, supplements and gear. Because of that they are able to provide the best and most honest advice. Not only that, they offer an extensive range of products with over 150 brands to choose from. All with the customer at the center of everything.

The Feed logo set in a dark antracite color


The Feed wants to help athletes move forward, becoming the best version of themselves. A core belief that they wanted to see reflected in the visual representation of the brand, as well as the users experience throughout the website.


The Feed had a few branded elements ready for us to start with such as a basic color palette, a logo and a purpose, vision, mission and their values. It was up to us to help them connect this to a deeper meaning behind their brand for them to make deeper connections to their audience, through a new and complete brand identity. Based on the new and deepened brand identity we overhauled the experience of their website, making it easier for athletes to find exactly what nutrition they need, how to use it and get inspired by pro athletes in their respected scene.

Moving forward

We coined ‘Moving forward’ which became a returning theme throughout the The Feed brand. With subtle yet inspiring sports references, we were able to convey that same theme on their website. By using slanted typography, forward leaning highlights and a pattern pointed in the same direction we visualized both the physical and mental act of ‘leaning into it’. Needless to say this also tangled in with the brand personality we settled on. Whether the athlete is a swimmer, cyclist or runner, it fits each sports specialty.

Bold typeface

For the main typeface we carefully selected TT Hoves Pro Sans Serif for its fine details. With TT Hoves Pro, we embodied the bold nature of the brand while its forward leaning features perfectly matched the brands story. With its multiple weights, TT Hoves Pro is a diverse typeface that accommodates diverse design needs, allowing for both bold statements and subtle nuances within titles, headings, body text and buttons.

Angled highlights

With the forward leaning highlights we were able to create a more expressive type. Perfect for when something needs a bit more positive attention, such as a product title or a brand. As with the other branded elements, the highlight is always slightly angled to fit in with the 'leaning into it' theme.

Finishing touches

The patterns used throughout the website really allow the brand and its story to come together. Tilted at an angle just like the typeface and highlights, it all comes down to leaning into it. The pattern is made up out of angled rectangles. It can be used throughout the designs to make them even more dynamic – a feeling that lies close to the brand. And with it portraying a finish line it’s a fun nod towards when athletes will be using the exact products they’re shopping for.

Enhancing conversion rates

We molded the Visual Identity to fit The Feed’s main platform: their ecommerce website. Optimizing for conversion was one of the main UX goals of The Feed’s redesign. Increasing the contrast of certain elements such as icons, titles, buttons and more makes the correct elements standout. Allowing users to add to cart with the click of a button, without it feeling like they’re being rushed to the checkout.

Improved shopping experience

Our UX Designers focussed on improving the overall shopping experience. Making it easier for both new and returning customers to browse their favorite products and new ones to try out. Whether it’s newly designed banners to introduce new products, or to allow athletes to filter per sport so they only see products that can help them lean into it.

And with The Feed’s offering of over 100 brands and thousands of products from those brands, it was an amazing challenge to make sure they were able to showcase all of these in such a way that excites customers to try new things, read more about a product they’ve never used before or get inspired by other professional athletes who walked (cycled, ran or swam!) that path before them.

Optimizing the sales funnel

One of the many pages we optimized for conversion was the product detail page; every ecommerce’s golden child page. Striking the perfect balance between conversion optimization on one hand and user aiding hierarchy on the other, we were able to apply our vast UX experience. The most important information was positioned directly above the fold. This would allow athletes to see everything they need to know regarding ingredients, nutrition facts and more without lifting a finger. Besides that the page was filled to the brim with information on how to use a product, testimonials, reviews and product pairings. Ensuring that when an athlete has browsed through this page, they feel confident in whether it’s right for them and make it easy for them to add to cart and receive the product on their doorstep.

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