Simple, fast and reliable HR & payroll software

Small to medium sized business owners should be able to easily manage their payroll and HR activities. Together with Employes we’ve made it happen for the European market.


Employes is an online platform that helps companies manage Payroll & HR in a simple, and gorgeous manner. The market didn’t offer many user friendly and affordable payroll tools that can be easily used by anyone in a team. Employes fills this gap.

Logo of Employes


Creating a new and refreshing online presence for Employes, challenging the status quo of many dated and dull tools on the market.


We created a completely new brand concept including new typefaces and colours based on extensive research. We applied this while building a new marketing website and as we designed their web application.

We were very much impressed by the thorough approach in combination with a quick way of communicating.

Rob Kroezen

Founder at Employes

Tasty colors and a modern typeface

Freshening up the color palette was key to making this project feel like a new, yet solid solution. Our chosen typeface is modern, yet sturdy.

Neatly organized library of components

As with most of our projects we have set up an extensive library of re-usable components that are being used throughout the web application, but also on the marketing website for Employes. The design system allows for rapid iteration and exploration.

Adaptive design

Design should adapt to the canvas of your device. As we applied this principle to the products of Employes, we ensure that users have an optimal experience cross-platform.

The design for Employes works perfectly on the go or behind your desk, ideal for business owners with a busy life.

Illustrations for extra emphasis

A big part of the new identity of Employes is the usage of illustrations throughout their product. Both on the website and in the web application illustrations are used to inspire and comfort users with soothing images.

Helping the user through the process of using Employes is visualized by a set of illustrations that spark interest and a sense familiarity.


We’re super proud of the final deliverables in this project that our team created in collaboration with Employes. It was an amazing journey with our client Rob, and we have created something gorgeous together.

Feel free to browse to to view the live products, and sign up to their tool to enjoy a better, simpler and affordable HR & payroll solution.

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