Strengthening an educational software brand with sprinkles of fun

We helped Classroomscreen reach a new level with their brand alongside an extensive set of guidelines on how to express that brand visually on any platform or product.


Classroomscreen is a company by teachers, for teachers. Their goal is to support teaching and learning in the classroom by providing a tool (of the same name) that is easy to use and accessible to teachers worldwide. Classroomscreen ships with a swiss army knife of widgets teachers can use to amplify their classes, and thus enhance the students’ learning experience.

Classroomscreen logo set in dark monochrome color
  • Industry

    Educational software

  • Headquarter

    Utrecht, The Netherlands

  • Company size

    < 5

  • Our services

    Branding, Visual Design


Although Classroomscreen already had a logo and a basic color palette, they were in need of a more defined and expressive brand. More specifically they were in need of a way to consistently tell their brand story, through all of their collateral. Besides that they were in need of tailer made icons for the widgets within the Classroomscreen software tool.


We were lucky to find a solid foundation in the original ingenious logo created by Jord Riekwel. All it took for us were a few minor tweaks to make sure the logo fit the new brand concept as well as possible.


We delivered an easy-to-understand brand book to serve as a guide for the further creation of products to fit the brand. This includes an awesome brand concept and a logo revision. An icon pack was created alongside brand-coordinated widgets for their digital product.

We were looking for an agency with lots of experience in both detailed icon design and branding design. Yummygum matched that criteria. We're very happy both with the results as well as with their entire process. The team listened to our needs and pro-actively helped us make decisions.

Laurens Koppers

Founder at Classroomscreen

Pattern system

Our team fell in love with the original logo and attempted to lean in even further on this circular idea. We did so by by utilizing the idea of the C with the smile in it and systemizing it. This lead to the creation of a grid set up that would support all sorts of new shapes without losing touch with the original C shape. It allowed us to create new ideas for shapes that could be paired with their brand values. The Classroomscreen team decided to go with this concept due to the fitting amount of joy and playfulness they were seeking to provoke.

Widget icons

For the product we created a set of icons that each would represent a widget type teacher can use on their digital whiteboards. All icons consist of rounded end caps strokes for a more rounded and playful appearance. Needless to say they would have to exist neatly in conjunction with the brand identity. We added a color highlighted to each icon to contribute to Classroomscreen’s friendly look and feel. Of course while aiming to remain highly recognizable and consistent as an icon set.

Online presence

One of the goals for this project was for the Classroomscreen team to be able to express their brand on social media. Through meticulous use of the patterns, color palette and typographic rules we designed the blueprint for social media posts.

Offline presence

To spark the imagination of how the entire identity would play out across the gamut, our team created examples of what offline Classroomscreen collateral would look like.


The freshly defined brand has given Classroomscreen the handlebars they were looking for to represent what they stand for, now and in the future. Not only did the brand book we delivered help the Classroomscreen team get a deeper understanding of how the brand motivated decisions came about. It helped them as a guide to move forward as a guiding light whenever they need to create new brand collateral.

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