App Store sales insights

App Radar is a web tool that helps you improve your App Store sales using smart algorithm analysis.

For mobile app developers and marketeers one thing matters most; App Store downloads. App Radar gives them an understanding how their apps are currently ranking and how keywords influence that ranking in the App Store.


To get on the same page as our client we started out with understanding App Radar’s values. We used the keywords provided by App Radar to put together a Moodboard that captured the essence of the product before touching any style.


Based on the Moodboard and the feedback we received, we created a Styleboard to capture the look and feel of the app. This Styleboard gave our client an idea of the design direction we envisioned for the User Interface.

Images of the mood- and styleboards for App Radar. Images of the mood- and styleboards for App Radar.

Selecting the right typeface

The User Interface – that was going to display a lot of data – required a typeface that would have plenty of font weights, would be readable throughout various sizes and fit the brand. We ended up with Clear Sans.

Clear sans

Extending the color palette

Even though the Brand Guide (made by Jord Riekwel) gave us a lot to hold on to in terms of suggested color usage we felt the need to add a few additional secondary colors and made some minor tweaks.

The colors we've used in the design

“We were really impressed by the professional design process of Yummygum. They totally know what they are doing!”

Thomas Kriebernegg, CEO & Co-Founder of App Radar

The Yummygum treatment

Like normally we would give the App Radar project the typical Yummygum treatment. We took a good hard look at the competition, thought along about the content structure and worked closely together with our client.

We then started working on very low fidelity wireframes to be able to focus on the content hierarchy and information architecture without having to think about making everything look polished, yet.

Uniform marketing efforts

Along with a user-friendly web app, App Radar wanted to create a coherent and consitent marketing effort for users to recognize.

We took the style and typography of the web application and designed a completely new marketing page, that went along nicely with the app.

A screen for App Radar

The results

For the web app, we translated our wireframes into a polished User Interface that evolved around data valuable to the user in the form of dashboard showing graphs and tables.

The clear navigation structure we layed out during the earlier stages of the project was enhanced by distributing the right colors from the palette across the designs.