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Businesses are expanding and taking on new challenges. HR & Management software should be able to keep up with a business' ambitions. At Yummygum we take an individual approach, and will discuss all your needs and wishes to design software tailored to you.

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Expanding HR & management solutions

There are many ways to design for HR and one of the benefits of designing HR software is that it can be fully customizable to your company needs. When done right HR software can automate workflows immensely. This makes things so much easier. Not just for the HR department but also — or should we say more so — for employees. Well designed HR tools allows employees to navigate the software and find what they need, when they need it.

Having one central workspace for all of the HR related info is key to an automated workflow. To really make it meaningful there’s ways to securely store all employee data and files, track time-off and onboard/offboard with ease. And that’s just a glimpse of what can and should be done. At Yummygum we fully understand these needs and translate them into well thought-out user flows. Creating the perfect environment for your employees to thrive.

Often returning features in HR & Management software

We’ve got them covered.


Introducing new members on the team is an exciting process for everyone involved (coincidentally, we also wrote a blog post about onboarding). When crafting the perfect onboarding for your software, we make sure the product reflects exactly what your user has envisioned and provide a feeling that they belong. Through data research, we’ll find which glove fits.

Performance management

Personal growth and job performance go hand in hand. Our designs enable this process in which you can keep track of employees and their growth goals.


We design the flows for hiring short and sweet. That leaves you with more time and dedication to hire the candidate that’s right for you. Making the software become part of this process is one of the ways it can be a reflection of your businesses’ needs and goals.

Payroll services

Making sure everyone on the payroll gets paid accurately and on time is one of the many ways to care for your team. And you should be able to do that without any friction. Make administration the easiest thing in the world; something to look forward to.

Spend your time on more important matters

Spending ages looking for the right employee information is a thing of the past thanks to smart UX solutions like meaningful search- & filtering options. These solutions help you find the contracts, pay slips, assessments or interview reports of employees you’re looking for. In just a matter of seconds. Spend more time growing your business and uplifting your work environment.

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No matter how big your company is, as you expand and reach new highs you’ll want an agency to have your back. One with a process that has proven itself over and over again. That’s us. We’re here to help you align, refine, design and build.

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