Retention, attention and education; the holy trinity

The online educational market has been growing and growing with a lot of strong players who are setting the tone for the industry. Our team is experienced at designing and building any form of educational content and interactions.

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Our (online) education solutions

At Yummygum we believe technology can be used to propel education and make it more effective. Forming healthy educational habits as well as making information more widely spread available are among the things that drive us into making an impact in this space. In making sure we represent the relevant target audience we hope to build amazing digital products that evoke happy and playful emotions.

Our specialized focus points for the education industry

We’ve got them covered.


Engagement and motivation are *the* key factors to gamification. In order to make use of these factors our UX Design team knows everything about implementing scoring systems, creativity, collaboration and play into digital learning experiences.

Video content

Retaining a user’s attention in this busy digital world filled with impulses can be challenging. We understand how to overcome these hurdles by stimulating (e-)learners with auditory and visual content.

Community integration

Wether it’s a children’s reading app we’re designing or building, a university student environment or a multilingual language learning tool. We always recognize the importance of a sense of community. If we’re talking about a straight up social media integration, or a brand new way of interacting with your community, we got it covered.

User retention

The art of retention is a subtle and enticing game we love to play. We utilize it to draw users back into an app when we’re going for commitment to a daily or weekly learning routine.

Inclusivity is key

Everyone learns at their own pace and at Yummygum we acknowledge this. Making sure to design products that enable as many people as possible to pick up a new educational regime is something we find very important.

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