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Renting a bike, purchasing museum tickets in advance or comparing an Airbnb with a hotel — all things a classic trip entails and at different moments too. At Yummygum, we love the challenges these user stories give us while designing for a multi platform experience.

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The best user experience provides the best conversion

Travel can give people anxiety and stress as they have to make many choices, in a wild west of suppliers and services. We understand these inner battles as we experience them ourselves too, and we love tinkering with digital design to make travel a happier experience.

The research we conduct goes deep into why people are feeling a certain way, and ideate together on how to solve this. The result is an amazing user experience that triggers people to tap or click on buttons — not because they need to, but because they want to.

We can help you define key moments that the user has throughout the whole journey. Starting with the first search term, all the way down to booking and placing a review.

Typical features we work on in Travel apps

We’ve got them covered, just like travel insurance.

Booking process

By giving users the option to book tickets in advance, no time is wasted during their trip and simplifies the buying experience significantly. Above all, our designs ensure that users can enjoy more attractions and really experience what each destination has to offer.

Planning directions

Getting to and from popular destinations means there will be a need for transportation. We understand to include every relevant mode of transportation, showing quickest time of arrival or cost efficient options.

Renting a vehicle

Renting a van for larger travel groups, wanting to feel like the locals by renting a bike or being able to go anywhere by traveling on an e-scooter. If a user wants to decide when and how he travels, we can tailor to these specific needs too, and will design multiple flows to suit the user’s context.

Leaving a review

Receiving reviews can be crucial for businesses. Social proof is an essential part that users utilise when making decisions. We make sure users can easily leave detailed reviews, helping other travellers make the right choice too.

Helping users on their next grande adventure

Our UX team will perform extensive research, to find out more about a user’s needs, wants, frustrations and opportunities. Based on this research, the team will design user flows perfectly fit for the users context, to which Visual Design will transform these into pixel perfect, brand driven designs. Development takes these designs and finishes them off into an optimized product with that clean code goodness.

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