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Whether their goal is to care for ongoing (social) issues or emerging problems, non-profit organizations are necessary to help create a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. At Yummygum use our design and development knowledge to help you help the world.

A different approach

Non-profit organizations have different values and needs than commercial businesses. Non-profits often have to make do with smaller budgets and limited resources and shift their focus towards the people who need it the most.

Making sure these people are heard is what we focus on with our team. Inviting people to listen to the story you want to tell is our goal. At Yummygum we design & build for your cause because we care.

Our relevant Non-profit projects

These features often occur in the non-profit industry

We’ve got them covered.

Customer experience

Your website or app should not only be visually appealing. Its experience needs to be frictionless as well. Through extensive testing and analyzing our design methods steer us towards a solid online customer service experience.


Getting to know your donors provides you with valuable insights. Donation can be filled with personal information. It’s key to go about this information with the utmost care. And it’s equally important to tell them how much you care about this information being safe and secure. Our talented Development team makes sure your solution’s security is airtight.

Highlight the mission

With numerous non-profit organizations fighting for your audience’s attention your mission should be clear within the first few seconds people land on your website. You need to let them know what you value and how your cause contributes to a better world. Yummygum provides a design hierarchy that does just that, and tops it of with a performant and accessible web experience.

The road to donation

People who care are inclined to donate. Every should possible hurdle on the road from willingness to donate all the way to actual donation should be removed. We pay close attention to this part of the process. Our UX Design team makes sure people who intent donating can find their way and are guided along the way. We strongly believe two things are key: one-click donation flows and circling back to donors about what their donation effectively does to help.

Tell your story

Your organization has a story to tell. Your website and/or app should represent this very story. In the way it feels, in the way it looks and how seamlessly it works. Together with you we help you find the words, design and technology to tell this story.

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