Crypto is part of our lives

The prevalence of a new digital age was never more clear than with the emergence of cryptocurrency. Filling your digital wallet with Bitcoin, Ethereum and that new currency Elon Musk tweeted about is a growing commonality. And so our experience in creating digital products for this new market has grown too.

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Participating in the online space of cryptocurrency

Taking part in the cryptocurrency industry means throwing yourself in a world full of tech savvy users. Presenting a dull and outdated digital product in this space is the least forgiving experience of them all.Crypto is related to anonimity, so provoking a sense of trust to your user is important. Radiating sophistication and precision into a brand is equally important, which reflects throughout the entirety of a digital product.

Popular features in cryptocurrency apps

The world of crypto is complex and full of interesting challenges we love to tackle.

Developer tools

Anything crypto related moves fast, and thus building foundation on open-source projects is common. We always make sure devs can build on an easy to use codebase that is flexible and future proof.

Information up front

Users crave information when it comes to crypto and our digital products fulfill this desire. Dashboards are clean and minimal, shifting the eyes to relevant information and triggering the right action.

Decentralized Identification

Reducing the risk of fraud in the usage of online products is highly valued in the industry. We have experience in harnessing the power of identity verification and help our clients deploy this piece of software to their customers.

Stand our with your brand

New apps or coins pop up every day and generating buzz around your product can be a challenge. We love creating a Brand Book that paves the way for a unique visual presentation in all outings to allow you to stand out from the rest.

Inclusively expanding your market

Even though your user might be an expert on blockchain who is well familiar with jargon, your market can stay relatively constrained when using this jargon language. Our team knows exactly how to communicate complex ideas to a large number of target audiences, expanding your market in the process.

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