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Although the music industry and what comes along is obviously know for the music it brings produced; it could and should also be known for their online presence. Music industry related web experiences are supposed to stand out, period. Fans should feel their idol’s amazing new website in their bones. We know how to do just that.

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Expressive on stage, expressive online.

Now that we’ve passed the era of record players and walkmans we’ve completely adapted to a digitized musical world. Needless to say this brings along tremendous opportunities. Not only is there a lot to be gained still as far as the actual listening experience goes. The online presence of artists and everything artistry brings brings room for improvement as well. We love bringing artists’ unique personalities from the stage to the digital world.

Often seen features in music related products

We got them covered.

Expressive branding

Our Branding team uses its expertise to lay down the foundation of a brand identity. Because, both artists and music industry related companies have so much to gain from seeing themselves as a brand. We believe design is more than merely making beautiful websites, picking a nice typeface and color. A web experience should reflect your brand, not the other way around. We make sure your brand matches who you are and what you value. And we translate it into a cohesive and consistent look and feel in all of the brand’s touchpoints.

Easily editable content

Each new show or event calls for its own customized content. But as show dates or event venues change you need to be able to communicate those changes. You need to be able to change those details on your (artist) website with just a few clicks. Our Development team listens to your specific needs and makes sure to implements the best and most suitable content management system there is.

Smooth motion animation

Motion animation design can take your web experience from ‘great’ to ‘incredible’. It has the ability to breathe that extra touch of life into a website, making for a unique experience. All of this has to run smoothly of course, which is where our Development team come in.

Fan base engagement

Focussing on fan base engagement is something we value, a lot. Feedback from fans can inspire artists and their team to take action in the next steps needed to grow. At Yummygum we say: keep your friends close but your fans even closer.

Let’s create something together

At Yummygum we listen to every voice with care. We help you express who you are as a company or artist by suiting you up with a one-of-a-kind brand. Our UX Design team is happy to apply its research and experience of highly usable digital product . And to top it off our Development team turn everything into a blazing fast web experience using nothing but clean, flexible and future proof code. We help you in your urgent needs but we’re also right here when you need us with help in the long term.

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