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For a large number of years, fashion & lifestyle (retail) has increasingly become more of an online ordeal, with the pandemic providing the final push towards digitalization in this industry.

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Fitting fashion & lifestyle solutions

Some businesses, especially the ones featuring niche products, are still missing out on a lot there is to gain by upgrading their digital environment.

By offering a memorable experience every step of the way we make your users feel special and appreciated. And of course we take improving conversion into account too.

With a big focus on quality content we make sure our clients products are accurately represented in its intended fashion (pun intended).

Often returned features in fashion & lifestyle software

We’ve got them covered.

Community affirmation

A sense of community is especially important in this industry, with niche product sales being driven by a supporting audience of enthusiasts. At Yummygum we recognize this. Helping users increase their decision making power by giving reviews and ratings a center stage.

Optimized checkout

Our UX team excels in retaining your users’ attention until the end of the checkout flow and beyond. We smoothen out this process by identifying and fixing its pain points. Optimizing conversion rates in the process.

Authentic branding

An authentic brand is the core of any successful fashion and lifestyle business. We’re here to help you distill your voice and amplify it. We internalize the essence of your brand and translate this into a coherent story and corresponding digital presence.

Breaking the mold

Uniqueness is another important factor in this industry. Combining all of our team’s powers results in the ability to create something that truly breaks the mold in terms of usability, presentation, and interactivity.

Staying light on your feet as a company

Being able to quickly adapt to changing trends in the industry is the key to success. Our approach to building digital products makes quick work of changing up the content, style and presentation of our clients’ websites and apps.

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No matter how big your company is, as you expand and reach new highs you’ll want an agency to have your back. One with a process that has proven itself over and over again. That’s us. We’re here to help you align, refine, design and build.

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