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Shopping experiences are just as important in store as digital. We as Yummygum help you design your custom ecommerce website and bring it to the next level!

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Fitting retail & (e-)commerce solutions

E-commerce is highly competitive nowadays as the digital world has been the biggest playing field these years. Visitors have, what feels like, unlimited choice in different businesses. Not only that, they have come to expect the best quality, delivery speed, you name it.

A well crafted e-commerce experience can create distinction between other competitors and distinction makes for uniqueness. We can help you not only create a working, visually pleasing & customized website but keep in mind specific target audiences. Audiences that matter to your business. Our multidisciplinary team of developers, visual designers and UX designers love working together to craft a fitting digital solution.

Popular features in (e-)commerce

We customize towards your needs.

Authentic voice

Each brand speaks with a different tone-of-voice that is unique to them. Our team of experts is ready to help you build find and amplify this voice. Together we help you express a unique personality that has it own characteristic design language.

Smooth and easy-to-navigate

Customers want an easy-to-navigate web experience. Navigation helps build customer trust and develop a sophisticated shopping experience. All of this does add up and leads to more sales for your e-commerce website.

Conversion-design focused

We help build websites that lead to exceptional & fun shopping experiences that, in turn, lead to more sales. With our customer specific research we understand your customer better through click behavior and data preferences. But also focus on new emerging trends to maintain ROI.

Checkout process

Checkout processes can make or break a sale. Ever visited a website where you got stuck in the checkout process leaving you canceling the purchase? We make sure the checkout work out smoothly.

A fluent shopping experience

Knowing your consumer, their preferences and their behavior is essential for a fitting website. Our Visual Design team does not only make gorgeous design but we also make sure the design is backed up with proper research. And of course brought to live with a future-proof tech stack by our Development team. Everything to guarantee a (e)commerce experience that sticks.

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No matter how big your company is, as you expand and reach new highs you’ll want an agency to have your back. One with a process that has proven itself over and over again. That’s us. We’re here to help you align, refine, design and build.

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