What an internship looks like at Yummygum

We love having interns as a part of our team. There is just something about the synergy of being able to contribute to someone’s growth and at the same time get a fresh point of view within an established team. Learn what an internship entails at Yummygum.

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We love having interns in our team. It’s great to be able to contribute to someone’s growth by sharing the knowledge and experience we’ve collectively gained over the years.

Interns also bring a fresh point of view to the table which never fails to keep us on our toes. Having heard from former interns at Yummygum, we understand that picking the right place to do an internship could make for a proper career-kickstart. Some of the things we find important when offering internships:

The best internship doesn’t feel like an internship

Internships are meant to teach you what it’s like to be a Brand Designer , UX Designer, Visual Designer or Front-end Developer in the real world. That’s why we believe you need to feel like one too. If you’re an intern at Yummygum you become a full-fledged employee; you work with us on client projects, talk to our clients and explain your work. Proper guidance by our tutors is important, but sometimes we’ll encourage you to just take that leap of faith. But we never let you fall and we make sure we got your back when things get tough.

High standards, without the pressure

We believe (and have experienced) that high standards and high pressure do not need to co-exist. Creating a comfortable and positive atmosphere should be a priority. That's because laying the foundation for passion and fun to be part of work will ultimately lead to higher quality products. Helping each other reach this level means leaving no one behind; we’ll probably learn a thing or two from you as well! Hashtag synergy 🌈 !

This also ties into our core values, never stop learning. Check out our About page to learn more about our values.

What have interns said about their internship?

To get a more realistic idea of what there is to learn during an internship at Yummygum we’ve asked former interns to elaborate on their main takeaways from their time with Yummygum.

As a Front-end Developer, working within several different disciplines helped me become more comfortable working with both Visual Designer- and UX Designers. The quality of my work went up too. As having to review each other's code really helps in being able to work at the same standard with the entire team. What I liked about this, is that you get reviewed the same way as any other team member would; the code just has to be perfect. I got to work on a bunch of client projects too. Being able to work on something that’s real helped me grow out of that 'school phase'. Something , which I now now see in retrospect when looking back at my pre-Yummygum work.


Former Front-end Development Intern

"Due to being included into client -projects quite early in my internship, I was able to bring my knowledge up to a level where I felt comfortable being able to work in the industry. The internship felt like it was moving along quite naturally. I was slowly being given responsibilities that suited my level of skill as a UX Designer. What I loved is that Yummygum does not come across as a very formal environment. This degree of formality at the office has helped me strike a nice balance between knowing when to have fun, but also when to get serious."


Former UX Design Intern, Current UX Designer

In short you will:

  • Receive personal guidance by experienced professionals

  • Be made ready for a career in your field

  • Get guidance specifically focused on personal growth

  • Attend frequent workshops internally by our team members

  • Be treated like a full-fledged employee

  • Quickly feel like you belong in our young and inclusive team

Feeling intrigued? We’re offering internship opportunities for UX designers, visual designers and front-end developers. Even if these descriptions don’t exactly match with what you’re looking to bring to the table, our door is always open. Feel free to shoot us a message, or keep an eye on our social media channels

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