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We're proud to share the new Yummygum brand with the world. And yes, we’re saying brand because we didn’t just swoop in the old logo for a new one. Nor did we 'just' launch a new website. We’re reintroducing ourselves to reflect who we are and what we stand for; here, now and moving forward.

Exactly 13 years ago, Yummygum was founded by two people who loved making the world a little better through design while having fun doing so. In a landscape filled with either purely functional design and interfaces on one hand and strictly aesthetics on the other we felt an urge to combine the two. We wanted to transfer the joy we got from designing into a sense of delight for the people who’d end up using those designs. Fast forward to today and we’re a full-fledged digital agency that still has that very same drive and motivation.

The seats that became available on our team throughout the years have been filled by wonderful and bubbly people who each keep adding their own uniqueness to our client projects every day. And along the way we’ve not only grown as far as team size goes, but also in the services we excel in. Things like Development, UX Design and Branding. But in essence Yummygum has remained very close to its early days.

That was what we meant to amplify through our new brand; We’re a digital agency that is all about craft, eagerness, excellence & joy.

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