We believe designs *can* be both beautiful and systemized

Our Visual Design team knows how to take on projects of any size. We understand the value in being able to scale and add new features or pages using a well organized Design System.

You hear the term Design Systems a lot these days.  Product companies have been discovering the return of investment of Design Systems. But what are Design Systems exactly? Simply put, a Design System is a set of standards and patterns. 

The degree of complexity and extensiveness of Design Systems varies. But at their core Design Systems all aim for a few things: gaining speed, setting rules & expectations, and interdisciplinary alignment. 

A well put-together Design System can increase the speed in which new features or web pages are designed and built. Rather than reinventing the wheel a Design System is a set of existing and reusable components and design patterns to turn to make that new feature or web page happen. For both startups, scale ups as well as for established product companies this reduces overhead. In other words; the pay off from having a well set up Design System gives you a competitive advantage in the mid and long run.

Some design system methods we use

Full fledged system

These comprehensive Design Systems are especially valuable for companies where a variety of roles will be using them. These Design Systems, for example documented in a tool like ZeroHeight, include user experience patterns with a clear explanation so anyone on a product team can not only understand but also apply them to new product features or screens.

Design Library

For every single project our Visual Design team works on we create at least a basic Design Library in Figma. By splitting up fundamental style decisions such as brand colors, typographic choices and product specific components we create a well organized cascading system of reusable Components and Color Styles our (or your) Development team can find their way in.

Style kit

If the goal is to quickly iterate on a new yet consistent style direction or to whip up a screen design for the sake of validation a Style Kit is the most basic version of a Design System to go with. A Style Kit also makes sense for ad hoc side projects or sub brands where there simply isn’t time to work on a well considered brand strategy and thus visual identity.

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Main takeaways

  • Invest in your product’s future by investing in a Design System.

  • Helps get design and development aligned.

  • Design Systems help you scale up smoothly.

  • Become less dependent on highly skilled in-house designers for new designs.

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