Connecting systems to smoothen the process is what we do best

There are many types of integrations but the most well known ones are Application Integrations and Data Integrations. At Yummygum, we have a skilled team of developers who handle all ins and outs of of these integrations.

Simply put, integrations are used as a bridge to gap two different systems. Building an integration is vastly different than building, say, a website. It’s more technical without many visuals to work with. We work with two types of integrations: those we build from the ground up, or we connect multiple integrations together to make a website or product shine to its fullest potential. 

Integrations can be found everywhere. Look at the Internet of Things: devices connect with other devices and/or systems to receive insights and analyze those.

Some integration methods we use

Cloud platforms

Integrations can be developed on cloud platforms. This is where databases live and can become scalable. These databases can be connected to the system because of the integrations we build.

Type of code

Integrations can be written in all of the latest modern programming languages. Some languages are specifically used for setting up integrations. This makes it easier to connect with different API’s and tools.


When talking about integrations and security, we mean your data live safely in the right environments. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and system authentication are crucial to use to improve a network’s safety and security.

Integrations with software and clients who have their own software

Based on the needs of the client we set up hosting like Digital Ocean or AWS hosting. In a lot of cases the real fun, and more importantly the real value, lies in building integrations between two our clients’ software and a yet existing piece of software. Making two systems talk to each other, scoping and pulling the relevant data and the right amount of data is as much fun as it is valuable. It’s important to understand this requires a focused and precise way of working.

Integrations being part of a bigger project

Building integrations can mean taking on a small piece of a larger puzzle. But integrations aren’t necessarily small project. At Yummygum we have a full team of dedicated designers and developers that can make your dreams reality. Building the integration to make product features thought out by our UX Design team and designed by our Visual Design team is second nature to us. As far as the development side goes we have tons of experience working with integrating hosting, Shopify, DatoCMS, Onesignal. And the list goes on.

Main takeaways

  • It’s important to stay in the loop about the latest ways of handling integrations.

  • Knowing when to use the right database structures, types and document storage is essential.

  • Integrations are extremely powerful. They smooth the process and improve the User Experience.

  • Don't brush over integrations. They can be extremely beneficial to you, your team and your company.

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