We use Brand Sprints to hit the ground running for a branding project

A Brand Sprint is a key component of every branding project at Yummygum. Because it touches on most aspects involved in branding, it’s the perfect introduction to help ensure the client team is aligned and make decisions, together.

The name Brand Sprint hints at a speedy process, and in a sense that’s true! A Brand Sprint is a part of our trusty branding process that serves two main purposes. The first one is for us to get input from the most important stakeholders on your team. Input we can use during the brand strategy phase. The second, and perhaps most valuable purpose of a Brand Sprint is for your leadership team to align on your brand’s purpose, vision, mission and values. Making sure you’re aligned helps create a crystal clear strategy; something that’s key for the ultimate brand identity.

Ideally a Brand Sprint happens synchronously, where we guide you through a session that is our tailored version of GV’s 3 Hour Brand Sprint. By guiding the session we make sure everyone get’s a chance to weigh in. And beside that we can clarify and streamline questions and the process. We can conduct brand sprints in-person at the Yummygum office or in a video call.

We use three ways to reach our Brand Sprints goals

3Hr Brand Sprint

This Google Ventures inspired Brand Sprint is the most engaging version of the Brand Sprint with the highest ROI. During this three hour session we guide you through branding exercises that touch on the most important aspects of branding. From mission, vision and values all the way to audience and competitors.

Brand introduction

In some cases another party has already done the ground works similar to our 3Hr Brand Sprint. In this situation an open-setting introduction in-person or online meeting makes the most sense. It’s important a client team is internally aligned on multiple fronts before the session starts as there is fewer time and room for discussions.


In some cases a client team has both a good understanding of what input a branding process requires, and are aligned internally. In this case, and only in this case an async survey with the right questions can elicit the same valuable responses, while being extremely time efficient.


Before a 3hr Brand Sprint session takes place, the right amount of prep is key. To make sure everyone who joins the session comes equipped we ask them to do some homework up front. This homework consists of a few assignments that should all be completed individually beforehand. See it as a moment of reflection for each team member as they dive into bigger picture philosophic and strategic questions about their company. The completed homework will be relevant during the brand sprint session.

The right amount of guidance

During 3hr Brand Sprints the most relevant stakeholders within the company should be present, with a max of around four to five people. Often times there are C level executives and founders amongst these stakeholders, each with their own perspective. Usually this is based on the branche or department they represent. It’s up to us to get the correct answers, allowing us to take on a mediating role during the sprint. Proper guidance is of the essence.

Main takeaways

  • Brand Sprints help all major client stakeholders align

  • A brand Sprint touches most important aspects of a brand strategy on a higher level

  • Brand Sprints allow for a fun and engaging starting point for a branding project. You don't do it for the client, but with the client.

  • The time pressure involved helps making decisions.

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