Helping positioning a modern Champagne brand on the web

We allowed up-and-coming Champagne brand Vayuna to become *the* modern alternative in an industry dominated by overwhelmingly traditional players


Vayuna is an up-and-coming Champagne brand that does things differently compared to their competitors. Of course, they respect tradition and manners. Yet they feel it’s time for a new phoenix to rise from the ashes, looking forward into the future instead of leaning on the beverage’s past. Vayuna is introducing a new way to enjoy Champagne.

Vayuna logo set in a dark antracite color


Vayuna was eager to explore the possibilities beyond what the traditional Champagne brands had been offering, as their ways and traditions didn’t always connect with today's consumers. Vayuna saw an opportunity and was enthusiastic to expand the Champagne ecosystem, to be able to connect with consumers who like to do things their own way. They were in need of a web experience that conveyed exactly that; stepping away from the traditions and paving the way for new generations of consumers who are passionate about Champagne, and want to order it online too.


Vayuna had a solid set up for their brand in relation to the print on the packaging. However, they needed that same feeling to be present on the web. We helped them translate this to digital design, making sure the carefully thought out intricacies and story behind the Champagne remained. Above all, we made the experience of buying a bottle online as seamless as possible, connecting Shopify for a smooth check out experience.

Abstracted background pattern made out of a particle inspired by the Vayuna phoenix logo


The Brandbook we got to work with initially focused heavily on the physical product, serving as a rich source of inspiration for us in the digital realm. But a shift was necessary to make sure the brand would look and feel the same on the web. We carefully selected and adapted elements from the Brandbook's design language. As for the typeface we sought out an alternative font that would translate that same feeling and aesthetic to the web. Raleway was perfect for this: its modern feel fitted in perfectly with the future proof vision Vayuna had.

Looping video as a background asset for an engaging experience

Subtle nods

We implemented several design features from the Champagne’s packaging that seamlessly blended the digital and physical aspects of the bottle. These design elements enhanced the overall user experience and reinforced the brand's identity. Elements like circular text as a nod to the foil capsule on the bottle and buttons and/or labels mimicking the back label of the bottle. The website header has the same style of embossing just like the rose-gold logo on the bottle itself. And on top of that, dynamic gradients and other effects hinted at the energetic atmosphere of clubs and nightlife where Vayuna will more often than not be consumed.

The bottle experience

Throughout the project, the Champagne bottle was positioned as the life of the party, shaping the overall user experience. Its presence symbolized a departure from the conventional heritage of Champagne, adding a unique and modern touch to the brand identity.

With the bottle as a centerpiece, we ensured users fully immersed themselves in its captivating experience. This emphasis can be found throughout the website but especially on the homepage, which served as a crucial focal point for capturing the entire brand encounter. The website design went further than typical e-commerce platforms, offering a more immersive and engaging experience.

From a Development perspective, we implemented GSAP, which allowed for intricate bottle animations. Unlike traditional video formats, the animations were composed of individual images responding to scroll position, creating a fluid and seamless visual journey. The same technology also facilitated smoother scrolling by taking control of the browser's scroll behavior. This, in turn, enabled us to enhance user interaction and alter the website behavior effectively.

Working with and towards Shopify

We implemented a custom e-commerce solution using the Shopify framework built around React.This allowed us to create a seamless integration with Shopify while offering flexibility beyond their standard themes, something the Vayuna team expressed they valued. This headless approach allowed us to retrieve products, add items to the cart, and facilitate checkout processes without relying directly on Shopify's interface.

Making sure to hint at the Vayuna champagne bottle label, style wise
Glass bottle inspired carousel control buttons

Moments of delight

Throughout the entire website we incorporated moments of delight, ranging from on-scroll animations to dynamic elements like titles that appear and disappear.

By Implementing parallax images, it aligned seamlessly with the premium nature of the champagne brand. This immersion enhanced the sense of luxury and exclusivity associated with Champagne.

Additionally, we extracted a distinctive particle from the iconic Vayuna logo to create a pattern, and integrated an outline variation of the logo as a watermark in the background that let the brand shine throughout the website.

This attention to detail and brand contributed to a visually striking and cohesive design, elevating Vayuna’s image and resonating with its target audience.

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