UX Design Intern

At Yummygum we make top notch digital solutions for amazing clients at spectacular companies, big and small. From our clean and minimal office located in the heart of Amsterdam we refine, design and build brands and digital products.

What motivates you?
  • Kind and smart colleagues
  • Constant growth spurts
  • Relaxed office hours
  • Diverse projects to work on
  • € 400 / month
  • Work on real projects with real decision makers

You'll be an integral part of our UX team when you join as an intern. This means that we challenge you, and allow you to contribute just like any employee. We know that you still have a lot to learn, so you get enough room to make mistakes and grow each day.

Working on mobile apps, complex web applications, websites and other digital experiences will all be part of your internship. It starts from the foundation of understanding the client and business goals, all the way up to wireframes and making sure our visual squad has what they need for the next step in our process.

You’ll spend your day picking up tasks in ClickUp, getting down and dirty in Figma. And of course meme’ing around on Slack. You’re in direct contact with our clients. This means finding the right words to say why you made such and such design decisions is key. Not just towards the client but also to the rest of the team.

Together we’ll pair your schools' competences to make sure you excel in the thing you want to learn more about. At the end of your internship you'll be at least as good a UX designer you set out to be. But probably an even better one.

Get more inspired by reading through our UX Design overview.

Our tools of choice

  • Figma

  • Whimsical

  • Notion

  • Slack

  • Google Workspace

You know what people want, and if you don't, you use tools to find out. That's the core of your drive to make products that your potential users actually want to use, and love. Delightful usability is at the core of anything you do.

The curiousity in you motivates you to do research and understand competitors, personas, market trends and client goals. With your moral compass you can make decisions for the digital products you work on that benefit the people that use your products.

Turning data analysis in usable sketches and wireframes is something you love to do, especially if you can do it together with your squad. You believe brainstorming together will yield the best results any time.

You like creative thinking, but try to stay organized while doing so and funneling your thoughts to land on suitable solutions. Passion for the UX industry is key.

In short, you’ll

  • Put your users first

  • Love to do research

  • Thrive on creative thinking

  • Collaborate thoroughly

  • Grow each day

What we need from you

  • Mastery of Dutch language

  • Experience with Figma

  • A portfolio that showcases your work

  • Open mind state to grow

  • Proactive drive for better

  • The ability to come to our Amsterdam office a couple of times a week

Your squad to-be

Meet the UX Team

  • Vince


    It’s my jam to enable and motivate the team to create digital products our clients really want and need.
  • Nick

    UX Designer

    Understanding a users' needs to turn into usable UI solutions is what drives me.
  • Cerys

    UX Designer

    I make sure the created content flows perfectly and swiftly adapts to what’s best for the user experience.
  • Valentijn

    UX Designer

    I love crafting smooth-sailing adventures that enhance the experience of our users effortlessly.

Okay enough about us, let's talk about you.

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