Put a smile on the face of your teammates and our clients

At Yummygum we make top notch digital solutions for amazing clients in our minimalist office in Amsterdam. We create and foster a happy, open and fun workspace every day.

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  • Informal and fun colleagues
  • Relaxed office hours
  • Travel allowance
  • Employee bicycle scheme
  • Continuous growth framework
  • 16 to 28 hours per week
  • 40h salary €2561 - €2787

Being an Office Manager

The Office Manager at Yummygum wears many hats to ensure the best environment for all its employees and clients. That sounds very broad. And it is! The diversity of tasks and challenges each day is what draws you. It’s what fuels your creative mind to find solutions to problems before they even get a chance to exist.

As the Office Manager you’re often the first person people see when they walk in, digitally or at our office. That means you’re the face of company. And that’s where your soothing social skills and energizing enthusiasm come into play.

Your typical day is far from typical with a wide range of responsibilities. There is always a super fun backlog of things to take on and to improve upon. Whether it’s got something to do with the office, the rest of the team or with our clients. Picking up some administrative and finance tasks or organizing a unique and fun event. Keeping the office tidy or making sure everyone on the team is all set with themed lunch during Creative Days. That’s just a glimpse of some Office Manager tasks to take on.

Oh and don’t forget looking for opportunities to let our clients and our team know we’re thinking of them, at all times.

Our tools of choice

  • Notion

  • Google Apps

  • Employes

  • Moneybird

  • Todo App

What we ask of you

You take pride in being overly neat and organized, and you even promote these traits amongst the team. These personality traits are hard to deny as you tackle administrative tasks or make a company event go even smoother. You and modern software tools (or ‘apps’ like the cool kids call them) go together like. You just *know* they’ll help you do your job better and more efficient.

Your ad-hoc way of thinking allows you to create your own day planning and prioritize what you feel is important, or if you’ve received a specific request. Sometimes you even know what people think or want, before they do themselves.

You’re aware no one person is the same and we all have our personal preferences. But more importantly you have the creativity and a superb moral compass to make everybody happy. Whether you congratulate a client on the birth of their baby or arrange a vegan-friendly lunch for our employees, you’re up for it. 

You pride yourself in enabling the people in our team in any way possible. You help your teammates be their best self in their job. But equally important is keeping a finger on the pulse when it comes to their mental and physical health.

In short, you’ll

  • Make your teammates and our clients happy

  • Pro-actively plan fun events

  • Keep the office neat and tidy

  • Bring positive energy into the room

  • Welcome clients as they enter the office

  • Tackle administrative tasks

  • Ensure the team is paid on time

  • Help onboard and offboard team members

What we need from you

  • Speak Dutch & English

  • Be organized and pro-active

  • Be a peoples person

  • Pick up new software relatively quickly

  • Be flexible

  • Go after things if they don't come to you

These benefits are the default

We think certain benefits should come with your job, period. These benefits exist so we can focus on people — who also have lives outside of work.

Plenty of PTO

At least two days of paid time off per month. That's on top of eight national holidays. Recharge regularly to stay fresh and productive for work.

Casual working hrs

We start at ten in the morning and pack up around five. That gives us the right amount of time to enjoy our lives outside of work too. Basically, we don't work overtime.

Working from home

Many people on our team work from home one or two days a week. With the right setup and preparation it works better than being in the office.

Growth budget

We support growth. You get a yearly budget to spend on whatever you think helps you grow like books, courses and classes.

Team retreat

A week of fun together somewhere in a cottage or amazing villa. Get to know your team better while working on side projects. Work hard and play hard.

Annual bonus

As you grow, your salary grows. You can make bigger salary jumps depending on your added value to the company. An annual bonus around Christmas is a standard practice.

These are the people you’ll be working with

Which is all the people in our team

  • Vince


    It’s my jam to enable and motivate the team to create digital products our clients really want and need.
  • Leon


    It's my purpose to translate our clients' wants and needs into a visual direction for our team to work with.
  • Donovan


    Getting the best out of the dev squad and building solid products together is what puts a smile on my face.
  • Nick

    UX Designer

    Understanding a users' needs to turn into usable UI solutions is what drives me.
  • Zoey


    It's my job to make sure that we write maintainable and performant code, to ensure the best user experience.
  • Hessel

    Visual Designer

    I take joy in creating digital products and seeing it come to life through motion design.
  • Sandro

    Visual Designer

    As a designer I use my passion to create digital experiences and brands with delight.
  • Cerys

    UX Designer

    I make sure the created content flows perfectly and swiftly adapts to what’s best for the user experience.
  • Maryam

    Office Manager

    The office is a magical place where the team makes beautiful apps and websites. I love ensuring it runs smoothly!
  • Teun


    My passion for development comes from crafting beautiful interfaces using modern web technologies.
  • Rowdy

    Visual Designer

    I enjoy crafting designs with precision, making sure stories are brought to life with meticulous detail.
  • Valentijn

    UX Designer

    I love crafting smooth-sailing adventures that enhance the experience of our users effortlessly.

Okay enough about us, let's talk about you.

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