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At Yummygum we make top notch digital solutions for amazing clients at spectacular companies, big and small. From our clean and minimal office located in the heart of Amsterdam we refine, design, build brands and digital products.

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  • A tightknit team of focused individuals
  • Work with a modern tech stack
  • Relaxed office hours
  • Growth budget

Being a Front-end Developer

As a Front-end Developer at Yummygum you’re responsible for making designs come to life through immaculately clean code.

The team you represent keeps a finger on the pulse of whatever the Visual Design team creates. You and the rest of the Development squad make sure designs and design systems are neatly turned into their functional and highly performant code equivalent. This means the Development team is the last link in the chain of beautiful digital products we make as a company.

Your typical day consists of picking up issues on GitHub and challenging yourself to find the best way to build amazing products with a super duper modern tech stack that includes TypeScript, React, Next.js, GraphQL and more.

Some days might be all about building design systems or adding motion animations using GSAP and Framer Motion. Or, if you really like to get down and dirty, using WebGL. On other days you might be busy applying a11y, or working your way up to a (near) perfect Lighthouse score through performance optimization. Whether you’re working on a mobile app using React Native, or you’re implementing a headless CMS or other serverless back-end architectures, your team's got your back.

And of course there’s tons of time to be meme’ing around on Slack.

Our tools of choice

  • React

  • TypeScript

  • GraphQL

  • Jest


About you...

You know your way around in whatever code editor you prefer working in (please say Visual Studio Code). You absolutely love good design and feel fulfillment from coding it up and adding a dash of ‘ohyeah’ to it. Whether that is through animation or a nifty way of write code.

You can spot an off-grid pixel from a mile away and you’d like to speak to the manager about it. In other words; you don’t hesitate to chat with someone on the design team about their thoughts behind design decisions if it impacts the code equivalent you’re working on.

Although you look back at launched products with pride you can’t help but think of things you and your team can do to improve our process for the next project. You’re not afraid to take the lead in introducing new technologies or ideas to the rest of the team. That’s because you’re interested in staying up to date about the latest and greatest frameworks, dev services and pro-tips.

Although development is your job it’s also intertwined in how you see the world; looking at it with curiosity and seeing opportunities in how digital products can make people’s lives better. That’s why it doesn’t feel weird if you feel the need to try out a new thing in Codepen on a Tuesday night.

You’re into learning new stuff every day, whether it’s about a certain dev stack or a process.

In short, you’ll

  • Build and maintain design systems

  • Code websites and web apps

  • Add delight through motion animation

  • Implement headless CMS

  • Think along on how to improve on the development process

What we need from you

  • Mastery of Dutch & English language

  • Sufficient knowledge of Figma

  • At least two years of Front-end development experience

  • Proficient at JavaScript, HTML and CSS

  • Knowlegde of and experience with at least one front-end framework (React/Next.js, Vue/Nuxt, Svelte, Angular)

  • A 20/20 vision when it comes to pixel-perfect design > code implementation

These are the people you’ll be working with

Meet our development team

  • Donovan


    Getting the best out of the dev squad and building solid products together is what puts a smile on my face.
  • Nils


    Making sure we’re always up-to-date with the latest technologies is what I strive for.
  • Zoey


    It's my job to make sure that we write maintainable and performant code, to ensure the best user experience.
  • Guus


    I love being challenged by amazing designs and turning them into reliable and clean code.
  • Teun


    My passion for development comes from crafting beautiful interfaces using modern web technologies.

Okay enough about us, let's talk about you.

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