Travel platform

TRVL is a peer-to-peer travel booking platform that lets you earn money by creating suggested trips, including hotels, flights and much more, for others.

TRVL's mission is to take the power from large booking agencies and online services back to the people. That way anyone can be a travel agent while earning a commission for the dream trips they create for others.

“Love this new direction. It feels content rich, exclusive and high end.”

Alex Keynes, Product Manager at TRVL

Understanding the client

We kicked off with an incredibly inspiring meeting with TRVL founder Jochem Wijnands and CPO Alex Keynes. They wanted us to take TRVL to the next level in terms of UX and UI, starting with the travel-agent side and subsequently the traveler side.

Mood & Style

We debriefed what was said in the first meeting by creating a Moodboard and Styleboard that was mainly aimed at the travel-agent side of the app. The themes and values we wanted to convey ranged from a focus on progress to easy task completion.

Images of the mood- and styleboards for TRVL. Images of the mood- and styleboards for TRVL.

Taking things to the next level

The previous version of TRVL felt a bit default so Jochem and Alex wanted to enhance the overall experience of TRVL by having us taking on the User Experience and User Interface design. Use the slider to view a before and after of the Dashboard.

  • TRVL Blue

    When we started working on TRVL, their main brand color was a rich dark blue. Of course we wanted to keep it for the sake of being recognizable and consistent.

  • Fresh Blue

    Besides honoring TRVL's original blue we decided to add an additional brighter and more saturated blue for action items to give the UI a more modern and tech-y feeling.

  • Orange Peel

    To distuingish between the various components trips can build with, we gave them clear distinct colors. We used Orange Peel for all Activity related items.

  • Lochmara Blue

    For all flight related components that could be added to a trip we chose a blue hue that didn't conflict with the original TRVL Blue nor the newly create fresh blue.

  • Tomato Red

    Whenever a trip or a trip component concerning hotels would be shown in the interface, it would have Tomato Red as an accent color somewhere.

  • Citrus Green

    Citrus Green would be used for all transport related trip components. This color had to stand out a little more as transport was supposed to be more of an additional component.

A great type combo

The typeface that was used in the previous TRVL app, Proxima Nova, didn't stand out strongly enough and therefore didn't quite suit the TRVL brand.

Through thorough research we suggested a combination between Brandon Text for headings because of its one-of-a-kind and bold characteristics, and Aktiv Grotesk for its legibility and sincere nature.

The fonts we used in TRVL.

Marketing Website

After we finished the pixel perfect designs for the web application it was time to redesign their marketing homepage.

The goal of the homepage was to appeal to their new rush of users, who are typically into traveling and friendly visuals. We combined the clean style of the web app with a friendly look.

A coherent trip creation experience

For the travel agent side of the web app, we strived towards an experience that was all about making sure his/her clients would have the ultimate selection of activities, flights and hotels to choose from. This experienced needed to feel as effortless as possible.

Become a travel agent yourself!

TRVL is now allowing beta users access to the platform so feel free to sign up for an account and book your next trip via TRVL to earn commission.