Digital wallet for tickets

Tiqets is an application that allows you to buy and store tickets for a wide range of different events and places. No more lines, no more waiting.

Tiqets is the kind of service that offers a product that feels like you missed it your entire life when you find out about the existence of it. Tiqets lets you purchase and use tickets to museums and venues in over ten metropolises, right from your smartphone. Days of long lines are over.

The Tiqets app discover screen

“They start with your idea, then remove, simplify, and polish.”

Daniel Scheijen, CEO at Tiqets


Our friend Bas de Boer had created a great looking new visual identity for us to work with on the Android app. Based on the visual identity we confirmed the new mood for the app.


The Styleboard was a great match with the Tiqets identity and allowed us to ensure it matched with everybody's expectations. A mix of friendly looks and strong colors.

Images of the mood- and styleboards for Tiqets. Some of the people we design for.

Design for people

Personas are always an integral part of our projects to ensure the product is built for the users that will eventually be using it in their daily life.

Some of the people we design for. Some of the people we design for.
The checkout screen showing tickets The checkout screen showing tickets

New yet consistent design

The Tiqets app was focused on the Android platform, so we ensured it felt right at home. At the same time we challenged ourselves to find a unique and context-minded way to display visuals.

Ticket interface elements for the Tiqets ap

It's in the details

The ticket sphere was great to work in as it allows us to create a few visual references to real life objects.

A few date interface elements from the ticket purchase flow
The discover screen from the Tiqets app A few date interface elements from the ticket purchase flow

Behind the scenes

As for any project we applied our trusty working process while working on Tiqets. This included polishing app flows, a huge amount of team work and a lots of fun.

  • Ticket wallet screen showing all of your past and upcoming tickets

    Light Sea Green

    Everything navigation related was going to be Light Sea Green. As this color was a tweaked version of Tiqets’ main brand color we wanted it to be visible in the majority of the screens to create a recognizable app that fit Tiqets.

  • Ticket wallet screen showing all of your past and upcoming tickets

    Pacific Blue

    Everything that had something to do with price tags and ratings would have a shade of Pacific Blue applied to it. One of the reason we added this color was to make sure the price tag stood out on most of the photography.

  • Use of Pretty Purple in the app, relating to ticket

    Pretty Purple

    We used the color Pretty Purple in place were we would want to let the user know he/she is about to receive a ticket or whenever unused tickets would be available. On the home screen for example, unused tickets would show on a Pretty Purple background.

  • Ticket wallet screen showing all of your past and upcoming tickets

    Goldish Yellow

    The use of Goldish Yellow would be synonymous with conversions. Everything related to the process of purchasing tickets and having a users attention drawn to the next step in the process was going to be Goldish Yellow.

The final product; Tiqets Android app

Download the app for free!

We enjoyed every bit of the ride of the creation process and we’re extremely happy with how it turned out. The Tiqets Android app is available for free on the Google Play store.