Peer-to-peer coverage

Teambrella is an innovative peer-to-peer insurance platform that lets you and your team mates provide each other with claim coverage.

Teambrella is in many ways the complete opposite of corporate insurance as you know it. Teambrella is all about coverage and reimbursement in a fair and transparent way. Besides that, users don’t need to pay set premiums and if they want to fund their wallet it's done with cryptocurrency.

The Teambrella home screen

“We were incredibly lucky to work with Yummygum! They are great listeners yet always have their own professional opinion. For a startup, this rare combination is a must.”

Alex Paperno, CEO at Teambrella, Inc

Finding the perfect style

Because of Teambrella’s straightforward traits and values we were able to easily debrief what type of user they were targeting. That made the transition into a visual style rather painless.

We put together a Mood board and a Style board that visualized the most important keywords like: innovative, progressive and modern way of going about claim coverage.

The Moodboard & Styleboard we put together for Teambrella. The Moodboard & Styleboard we put together for Teambrella

Branding through typography

Through thorough research we discovered we would need a font that would portay information in a clear manner and reflect the honest nature of the Teambrella brand.

Akkurat was a clear winner due to its ability to display information in a natural manner on all screen sizes while keeping it’s sincere nature.

  • Teambrella Blue color taken from the Teambrella color palette

    Teambrella Blue

    A brand inspired color that breathes trustworthiness and vibrance, even on smaller elements. It serves the brand by indicating primary actions and keeping Teambrella recognizable and consistent.

  • Piction Blue color taken from the Teambrella color palette

    Piction Blue

    We knew from the get-go the interface would include a lot of numbers and their corresponding units. We used Piction Blue to displayed those units, as well as for system messages.

  • Grandis Yellow color taken from the Teambrella color palette

    Grandis Yellow

    For all elements that related to the remaining voting time we used Grandis Yellow. Because this color was on the oppoisite site of the color spectrum it stood out nicely from the blue hues.

  • Java color taken from the Teambrella color palette


    We introduced Java to the color palette to use for unread (team) conversation messages, stimulating users to keep the conversation going for a well substantiate voting mechanism.

From style definition to a full-fledged product

We had a clear picture in mind of Teambrella's target audience thanks to the incredible briefing by the Teambrella team. As we layed down the foundation for the style based on that briefing we also started on the information architecture in the mean time.

We wanted take a step back and evaluate every decision that had been made for the web app; something we do for all of our projects. It was the perfect time to question the relevance of each feature and its current implementation to build a solid information architecture and User Interface.

Teambrella card
Teambrella card
The Teambrella screen showing who your proxies are The Teambrella screen showing who your proxies are

Demystifying (proxy) voting

One of the main pillars of Teambrella is voting and appointing other team members as your proxy voters. We wanted to emphasize the flexibility and transparency relating to proxy-votership. We did so by seperating the personal details from proxy voters' scores and stats and applying drag-to-re-order User Experience.

Appealing User Interface elements

We were challenged to wrap the somewhat complex concepts and user actions of the existing Teambrella web app into an appealing mobile User Interface. Lucky for us that's what we love doing most.

We created a consistent library of User Interface elements that looked iOS-like yet were custom designed. On top that the elements could be easily translated to Android counterparts.

Teambrella's design system.
The Teambrella screen showing who your proxies are The Teambrella screen showing who your proxies are

Translating iOS to Android

The Teambrella team expressed their plans to release mobile apps for both iOS as well as for Android. We kept this in mind during the design process by working with an 8px grid as we created the iOS designs. Due to that 8px grid and a card-based Design System the designs were Android compatible for a smooth transition.

The final product

Teambrella mobile apps

The Teambrella iOS and Android app are currently in production. In the mean time, if you want to learn more about Teambrella, visit the official website.