Accessible private search

We reimagined the Startpage web search to be more accessible to a wider, modern and privacy-curious audience.


Refreshed online appearance

Building on available brand guidelines and collaborating with multiple parties we sparked ideas and created a new online appearance to speak to a wider audience; one who is curious to improving their privacy on the web.

The first image of the challenge. The first image of the challenge. The first image of the challenge.


Pronounced, Modern & Fast

Typography is essential for the style of a search engine, as a big chunk of the interface is text-based. Combining strong typefaces worked perfectly to ensure a unique identity while keeping the text very legible for functional elements. We elaborated on the brand guidelines and molded the outlines to a solid typography kit.

Overview of the Startpage typography.

Selecting a typeface for Search Results

To ensure a high level of legibility and recognizability we did not re-invent the wheel for typography used in search results. Eventually we chose function over form and defaulted to the high performance approach, using default operating systems fonts.

Explanation of the Startpage typography. Explanation of the Startpage typography.
Overview of the Startpage color palette. Overview of the Startpage color palette, shown on mobile.

It's in the details

Aiding search through color contrast

Similarly to typography, conventions of color are a useful tool to ensure a quick onboarding for users. We tweaked a conventional color palette ever so slightly to match up with the new Startpage brand, giving it a more unique tone compared to other players in the market.

Design system

Library of components

Building a design systems is standard procedure with our team for projects as it improves our process, and future work immensely. The design system allowed for quick iteration, consistent designing and better communication through convention.

Overview of the components used in Startpage. Overview of the components used in Startpage, shown on mobile.
Mobile search Mobile results


Cross Platform

Mobile traffic is beating desktop traffic in many products these days, which is why the mobile experience of Startpage is as amazing as on desktop.

Paper illustration Paper illustration
Shredder visual

On boarding users

The new is quite a big change with the old version, which can make old or new users feel uneasy. The landing page elaborates further on why this change happened and why you can care about your privacy. While hard to explain, the visual style helps by making this more accessible to a wider audience.

Overview of the webpages

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