The best hotel deal for every type of traveler

A rebranding and completely reimagined User Experience for Findhotel. FindHotel is a hotel booking platform that thrives on sophisticated algorithms and user-centered features to guarantee travelers the absolute best hotel deals.

Findhotel mobile hotel overview. Findhotel mobile date picker. Findhotel mobile map overview.

Introduction & Challenge

FindHotel — power to the traveler

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) like and Trivago have been dominating the online travel industry for some time. They might be popular but don't necessarily offer booking deals that are personally catered to travelers. For instance; a newly-wed couple isn't looking for the same hotel (room, location or experience) as a group of friends traveling together. FindHotel understands travelers' needs and offers them the most relevant and valuable deal; the 'best' deal.

We were to capture and shape the non-existing FindHotel identity through a rebrand. Besides that set out to design a new User Experience from scratch that would breathe this to-be created Brand Identity. All of this within a incredibly ambitious time frame of 12 weeks.


Market research

The realm of online hotel booking

Using our existing experience working on digital travel products as a foundation, we dove even deeper into getting inspired by UX conventions. As usual we challenged ourselves to look beyond just travel and looked at a broad spectrum of products to get inspired.


Strong colors


Distracting popups


Uninspiring photos


Limited breathing room


Bold color palette


Insightful reviews


Uncommon UI elements


Distracting color usage


Amazing mobile app


Delightful animations


User-friendly focused


Limited information

Airbnb logo KLM logo Easyjet logo Funda logo

Brand development

Defining who FindHotel is

One of the main reasons FindHotel approached us was to help them develop a brand. Over the years they had been steadily cranking out new features and integrations to make their product even better. Coincidentally this meant FindHotel had prioritized their 'what' over their 'why', as Simon Sinek would say. We conducted a 3hrs Brand Sprint with the FindHotel team to get them aligned about the FindHotel brand.

A brand concept

Finding a narrative

Based on the valuable results of the 3hrs Brand Sprint we created over ten possible Brand Concepts; narratives that could form the back bone of the Brand Identity. A recognizable and recurring theme that would translate FindHotels values, personality and audience. We landed on the concept we named Birds-Eye-View. Birds-Eye-View is all about grasping the bigger picture and seeing every (deal) out there while also swiftly flying and zooming in details.

All concepts we tried for Findhotel


Designing for different types of travelers

Creating and working with multiple personas was especially relevant for this project as there were a few clear distinct types of travelers the UX needed to cater to. Together with the input from FindHotel we crystallized four personas and mapped each of their needs out in dozens user stories.

table with personas
circles-background cicles-background
avatar-male circles-background
avatar-female circles-background
customer flow animation


Structure through wireframes

The numerous amount of user stories were accounted for in wireframes. Earlier on in the project FindHotel had emphasized their wish for a modular approach to design. Not only did we design wireframes for different types of screens for mobile and desktop.

We also created iterations of each of the screens where we would alter the content based on the each of the personas' particular needs. After all, someone who would land on a FindHotel hotel page through a Google search looking for a family hotel would be interested in completely different specifications than a business traveler.

Brand identity

Making the brand more tangible

In the meantime we had been working on turning the brand concept and brand values into a more tangible Brand Identity. Holding the envisioned brand personality, values and audience against color psychology allowed us to create a striking brand color palette. The Birds-Eye-View narrative would sift through in UI elements and illustrations of scenes where one or multiple birds would play the lead role. As far as typography and tone of voice were concerned we chose Karbon and suggested short and snappy wording, mimicking an energetic bird hopping from branch to branch.

Visual design

Translating the Brand Identity into UI design

The style direction flowed naturally from the Brand Identity. Amongst other things, a consistent set of large and heavy set type for headings, colors with meaning assigned to them, friendly button styles and small spot illustrations created the basics for a flexible and heavily branded User Interface.

The FindHotel project was eminently suitable for creating and using an atomic design library. Mimicking the basics of chemical elements, the design library allowed us to use design atoms, molecules and organisms to go about the project in a hyper modular way.

The Winner


Coherently user focused

Through fruitful UX sessions together with the FindHotel team we managed to get in just the right amount of details and display them at the relevant time for each traveler type while maintaining a decluttered interface. On top of that we made the responsive mobile web designs feel like a smooth experience, coherent with the desktop equivalent.

Amplifying features

Visualizing FindHotel' superpowers

Besides its sophisticated algorithms FindHotel especially wanted to empower its users by offering FindHotel 'superpowers'. The superpowers are a set of features and usability wins to help users find the best hotel deals. An indication of the average hotel room prices per date expressed through color and text labels. We accommodated each of the superpowers with custom illustration work. The metaphors used in the illustrations also sifted through in smaller components like iconography.

final product screen final product screen final product screen

A complete new brand identity & UX

Within just 12 weeks we delivered not only a new Brand Identity Concept but also a full-blown and ready-to-implement FindHotel User Experience. A UX for the entire platform both on mobile and desktop web including every possible screen state.
We equipped FindHotel with the a product that was everything a startup in their life cycle needed to secure Series A funding.