Never stop playing

We're the type who can't sit still. Instead we try to stay on top of our game by trying out new things, whether it’s design styles or designer tools. Labs is our own little play ground for those experiments.

City Lights

Although we are design minded we also love code. That’s why we created City Lights; a suite of beautiful dark theme goodies for Atom & Visual Studio Code.

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Marketing image of the city lights theme for Atom and Visual studio code.
Randomly generated confetti Marketing image of the Sketch Confetti plugin.

Sketch Confetti

To speed up our design process we build our own plugin for Sketch to generate fun and random confetti automagically. We decided to release this plugin to the design community to help all designers speed up their design flow.

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Shared Text Styles

At Yummygum we aim to create coherent and consistent designs. Because we work in a team, it is sometimes hard to stay consistent with your typography usage, even when you’re using a style.

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Marketing image of the Shared Text Styles plugin.
Weekly car project

Weekly Car Project

Our own Vince has always been a fan of car design. With this project he aims to spice up his illustration skills while looking at pretty cars.

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Stretch Routine Illustrations

Leon decided to make illustrations for a blog post that he wrote about how he managed to take control of his lower back pain.

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Stretch Routine Illustrations.
Image of a card design. Image of a card design. Image of a card design.

Fun Analytics Cards

Vince experimented with diffuse shadows and very rich and colorful graphs. They're meant as a proof of concept for this design style. A nice and small improvement project.

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Office icons

Jeff wanted to polish his icon skills so he created this set of adorable little icons that challenged him to work on a small icon canvas.

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Office icons. Office icons.

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