Visual Designer

Do you simply love UI design and does it happen to be your profession? That means you might just be our new Visual Designer. Apply Now

Does designing *the* nicest and most consistent User Interfaces make you happy? Do you like setting the bar high? So do we!

We offer, i.a.

Competitive salary
Super chill office hours
Close and focussed team
Room (and budget) for growing your skills

What motivates you?

Whether it applies to web apps, mobile apps, websites or a piece of new hardware; good design lifts your mood. You're fully aware of how choosing a certain typeface, Call-to-Action color or border radius affects both the User Experience as well as the look and feel of a design.

Working in a team is what get's you going. Not just as you're brain-storming with other designs on the team but also as you're discussing the implementation of a smooth interaction you had in mind with a developer. However, you also like flying solo at times. Just to be in the zone.

Although User Interface design is your true love, you also thoroughly enjoy working on the most gorgeous designs for marketing websites, HTML emails, etc.

As you scroll through Dribbble or Behance, looking at other designers' work inspires you. Especially if their work just makes sense from a UX point of view. You're never not thinking about how to become an even better designer. You love diving into optimized workflows or new tools head-first. Methodologies like Atomic Design appeal to you even if you haven't necessarily gotten the opportunity to put it into action.

Oh and you also have a high tolerance for terrible puns.

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What are your skills?

You have a huge tattoo of the Figma and/or Sketch logo. Just kidding of course. But all jokes aside; you know at least one of these tools like no other. And more importantly you know how to use them to create a visually stunning and pixel perfect design based off of wireframes.

You know how to design a digital product that evolves around aesthetics, consistency and usability. That also means you understand why you make certain choices as you design. You don't just use green as a color for a button because it happens to be your favorite color. You know how to put your reasoning into words in (written) English. Knowing some Dutch is definitely a big plus.

You see the world in 8px grids and you have plenty of experience creating designs while using existing Design Systems. Op top of that you're aware of existing conventions that exist for platforms like iOS, Android and web.

You have an education beyond high school. Preferably you have a digital design related degree. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and so does a portfolio, which in our view, is worth so much more than a resumé.

You'll be working on:

  • Creating interfaces and websites from scratch
  • Applying and maintaining existing Design Systems
  • (Learning how to) design using Atomic Design
  • Turn your designs into Marvel/Figma prototypes
  • Designing for mobile and (responsive) web using Figma and Sketch
  • Doing things the agile way using Trello
  • Learning lots of new things to become a better designer
  • Collaborating with the dev crew

At Yummygum…

  • The office hours are super chill
  • You work on a Macbook Pro provided by us
  • You have your own spot that has a 27″ 5K display
  • You'll work on a vast variety of web & mobile projects
  • We enjoy a good lunch together (lunch is on us)
  • We'll shower you with Yummygum swag
  • Your foosball skills get a boost

Working on exciting projects

At Yummygum you'll be working on super exciting projects. Lots of variery and challenges!

Flitsmeister logo

A complete icon set designed for one of the most used traffic apps in The Netherlands: Flitsmeister.

Bizy logo

An extensive webapp including landing page where people can vote and make decisions. Work together with Bizy.

Martin Garrix logo

The number 1 DJ of the world. You'll be collaborating on a brand new marketing website for Martin Garrix!

“The projects we work on are very diverse and together with extensive teamwork everyone is improving, every single day.”

Picture of Ruben Vaalt

Ruben Vaalt, Visual Designer at Yummygum

Reach out

Is it you we've been talking to in this vacancy? Got what it takes to be our new Visual Designer? Are you excited to be designing *the* nicest digital products ever together with the rest of the team? Shoot us an email that tells us your reasoning and includes your resume and/or a link to your portfolio/Dribbble/Behance.