Grow as a designer in a way school can’t teach you

At Yummygum we make top notch digital solutions for amazing clients at spectacular companies, big and small. From our clean and minimal office located in the heart of Amsterdam we refine, design and build brands and digital products.

What motivates you?
  • A tightknit team of focused individuals
  • Growth spurt
  • Relaxed office hours
  • A nice monetary compensation

As a Visual Design Intern you’ll kick it with the rest of the visual design team doing visual designery things. But in all seriousness your team is responsible for making sure everything looks beautiful AND usable.

As an intern you’ll be designing the most gorgeous web apps, mobile apps. Did we mention websites and icons? Besides that you’ll help out the rest of the team with setting up design systems. If you’re interested, we actually wrote something on how we go about design systems at Yummygum.

You’ll spend your day picking up tasks in Linear, getting down and dirty in Figma. And of course meme’ing around on Slack. You’re in direct contact with our clients. This means finding the right words to say why you made such and such design decisions is key. Not just towards the client but also to the rest of the team.

Together we’ll pair your schools competences to make sure you excel in the thing you want to learn more about. At the end of your internship you'll be at least as good a visual designer you set out to be. But probably an even better one.

Remote werken i.v.m. coronacrisis

Je vraagt je misschien af waar en hoe we bij Yummygum omgaan met het coronavirus. Sinds 16 maart werkt het volledige Yummygum team remote. Gelukkig is iedereen super goed op elkaar ingespeeld en is iedereen maar 1 video-call van elkaar verwijderd. Zodra de omstandigheden het toelaten gaan we, al dan niet gedeeltelijk en natuurlijk met de juiste voorzorgsmaatregelen, weer naar kantoor. Tot die tijd werken we vanaf huis.

Of jouw stage nou begint op kantoor of vanuit jouw huis, wij zorgen er samen voor dat je een vliegende start hebt en je alle tips, tricks en begeleiding krijgt die je nodig hebt tijdens je stage.

Our tools of choice

  • Figma

  • Figma

You know your way around in Figma like no other. Working with Components and Styles is something you’re very familiar with. You aware of how design decisions like a certain color or corner radius affects the look and feel of a design.

You’re intrigued by creating beautiful designs that look consistent and are still usable. You know how to put your design decisions into words and love getting inspired by team mates.

Working 8px Grids is something you’re comfortable with and you’ve heard about Atomic Design. Perhaps you’ve even fiddle’d around with applying in your own designs. You fully understand there are certain platform sizing and conventions and patterns. And you keep these in mind when you’re designing for iOS, Android or web.

Ideally you do a study that’s closely related to everything we mentioned above. Communication & Multimedia Design or Media College to name a few. You absolutel love designing and you have a portfolio that exists of more than just what was asked from you from your study.

In short, you’ll

  • Help set up & use Design Systems

  • Combine school assignments with client work

  • Turn into an Atomic Design wizard

  • Eigenhandig een design library opzetten, updaten.

What we need from you

  • Mastery of Dutch & English language

  • Sufficient knowledge of Figma

  • A place for us to view your past work

  • An intrinsic drive to motivate your design decisions

Your squad to-be

Meet the Visual Sesign team

  • Leon


    It's my purpose to translate our clients' wants and needs into a visual direction for our team to work with.
  • Ruben

    Visual Designer

    Creating beautiful designs and managing projects is what I love to do every day.
  • Yakim

    Visual Designer

    I focus on creating delightful designs with accessibility and usability always top of mind.
  • Sylvian

    Visual Designer

    I live for the moment where everything comes together to create a beautiful and accessible experience.
  • Hessel

    Visual Designer

    I take joy in creating digital products and seeing it come to life through motion design.

Okay enough about us, let's talk about you.

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We'd love to hear your story and see what you and your past work are made of to see if we're the right fit for you.

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