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Yakim van Zuijlen


I always care about the littlest details.

Yakim knows how to get down to the nitty-gritty of things super quickly; whether it’s new software tools or a UX solution. He has a structured way of thinking about things which comes to show in organized and neat designs.

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At Yummygum we turn your great idea into an even greater product by combining minimalist design with maximum usability. We are as straightforward as we are open and collaborative.

We master a swift, smooth and fun road to the best results

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We love to work on ideas

A new idea greatly inspires and motivates us to push ourselves to the limit in terms of design. View a few of the ideas we've worked on.

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Collaboration is key

We always approach a project as being part of a team. We aim to incorporate great design in the best way possible with your new ideas.

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A few fun facts about our team


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